2019 Speedo Sectionals Santa Clarita Day 2: Kenisha Liu, Michael Tenney Win Again

Photo Courtesy: Donna Nelson

The second day of competition at the 2019 Speedo Sectionals Santa Clarita kicked off with the 200 free, 400 IM, 100 back and 400 free relays. The meet is taking place at the Santa Clarita Aquatic Center in Santa Clarita, California.

Results for Day 1 can be viewed here.

Brea Aquatics continues the winning streak with Kenisha Liu earning one more victory to her list in the 200 free and Michael Tenney swiping the 200 free as well, plus the 400 IM.

Women’s 200 free

Kenisha Liu once again gave Brea Aquatics the title with a 2:00.53. La Mirada Armada’s Taylor Ault (2:01.95) got silver and Abigail Samansky from Clovis Swim Club took third (2:04.55).

Liberty Williams from Riverside Aquatics placed fourth (2:04.63), followed by Gaucho Aquatics’s Emily Ward (2:05.10) and Marly Lough from Brea Aquatics (2:06.11). Courtney Tseng from La Mirada Armada (2:06.97) and Kenzie Degn from San Clemente Aquatics (2:08.40) rounded up the championship final.

Men’s 200 free

Also for the second night in a row, Brea Aquatics’s Michael Tenney went home with the gold in a 1:51.67. Joseph Lastelic from Gaucho Aquatics came in second with a 1:52.22 and Jude Williams from Riverside Aquatics touched third with a 1:52.40.

Ivan Kirakin from Tritons Aquatic Club (1:53.40) and Matthew Driscoll from De Anza Cupertino Aquatics (1:53.81) finished fourth and fifth respectively. They were followed by unattached swimmer Ryan Brimer (1:55.29) and Kevin Vargas from La Mirada Armada (1:55.90). Crow Canyon Country Club’s Zachery Hartman (1:56.34) finished eight.

Women’s 400 IM

The top three swimmers of this event went under five minutes. La Mirada Armada’s Taylor Ault finished first with a 4:58.45, followed by Ana Jih-Schiff from Crow Canyon Country Club who clocked in a 4:59.54. Sabrina Bennani from Brea Aquatics got third with a 4:59.54.

Yucapia Swim Team’s Calysta Bartlett finished fourth (5:06.36), followed by Maelynn Lawrence from La Mirada Armada (5:07.51). Brittney Straw from Gaucho Aquatics (5:08.47) finished sixth. Courtney Tseng from La Mirada Armada (5:09.39) placed seventh and Quicksilver Swimming’s Sophia Sebastian finished eight.

Men’s 400 IM

Giving Brea Aquatics the third victory of the night, Michael Tenney won the event in a 4:28.74. Benjamin Hayes from California Aquatics finished second with a 4:31.35. Tritons Aquatic Club’s Jack Spitser went home with the bronze (4:32.29).

Hunter Lane from Fresno Dolphins Swim Team placed fourth (4:35.76), followed by Team Santa Monica’s Samuel Telanoff (4:36.35). Unattached swimmer Daniel Marella (4:36.90) finished sixth.

The seventh and eight place belonged to Quicksilver Swimming’s Mason Carlton (4:37.39) and Joseph Purdy from Boulder City Henderson Swim Team (4:43.71).

Women’s 100 back

Beaches Cities Swimming got its first title of the competition with Alexandra Crisera clocking 1:03.18.  With an almost two-second drop Makayla Poloni from Brea Aquatics went home with the silver in a 1:03.86, followed by Clov’s Yulduz Kuchkarova who swam a 1:03.93.

Isabelle Shapiro from Team Santa Monica finished fourth (1:04.54), followed by Brea’s Emily Trieu (1:05.01). Gillian Flath from Diablo Aquatics (1:05.03) finished sixth, while fellow teammate and 13-year-old Kate Christian placed seventh (1:05.47). Tri Valley Aquatics’s Caroline Gjerde placed eight (1:05.66).

Men’s 100 back

Tyler James from Tritons Aquatic Club won the event with a 57.16. Roadrunner Aquatic’s Robert Mosely finished second with a 57.67 and Allen Dempster from Crow Canyon Country Club got the bronze with a 58.07.

Matthew Driscoll from De Anza Cupertino Aquatics came in fourth (58.41), followed by Riverside Aquatics’s Joshua Hanson (58.80) and Preston Planells from Brea Aquatics (58.88). Orinda Aquatics’s Jolen Griffin (58.97) and Nicolas Allison from La Mirada Armada (59.29) completed the championship final.

Women’s 400 Free Relay

Brea Aquatics’s women’s team clocked in first with a 3:52.29. Emily Trieu, Zephanie Koh, Marly Lough and Kenisha Liu won the event by over three seconds.

The silver medal went to La Mirada Armada (3:55.48) which included Catherine Sanchez, Courtney Tseng, Rosalee Mira Santa Ana and Taylor Ault. Gabriella Heng, Kimberlee Giggey, Katie McIntee and Antoinette Loya from San Jose State Spartans (3:55.89) got bronze.

Men’s 400 Free Relay

Ryan Brimer, Michael Hart, Richard Campbell and Noah Hickman from Roadrunner Aquatic claimed the first place with a 3:28.19.

De Anza Cupertino Aquatics’s Matthew Driscoll, Tommaso Morini Bianzino, Ryan Kirton and Felix Chiun came in second with a 3:29.91, anchoring the fastest split in the field (50.22). Michael Babain, Vincent Cheng, Preston Planells and Michael Tenney from Brea Aquatics finished third (3:33.01).


The third day of competition starts tomorrow at 9 a.m. PST with prelims and 5 p.m. PST with finals.