2017 NCSA Junior Nationals: Day 4 Finals Live Recap


Everything you need to follow along with day four finals of the 2017 NCSA Junior National Championships.

Schedule of Events:

  • Women’s 100 Backstroke
  • Men’s 100 Backstroke
  • Women’s 500 Freestyle
  • Men’s 100 Freestyle
  • Women’s 200 Breaststroke
  • Men’s 200 Breaststroke
  • Women’s 100 Butterfly
  • Men’s 100 Butterfly

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Women’s 100 Backstroke

In the women’s 100 backstroke, the Aggie’s Julia Cook got her hand on the wall first, swimming to a time of 52.37. Cook was followed by Nation’s Capital’s Phoebe Bacon who was second in 52.96. Carly Quast of the Aquajets claimed third in 53.60, just out touching Suburban’s Alexandra Sumner, who placed fourth in 53.61.

Marlins of Raleigh’s Grace Countie finished fifth in 53.70. Ashlyn Schoof of Elmbrook came in sixth in 53.78.

Seventh place went to Caitlin Brooks of the Gator Swim Club in 54.22. Brooks out touched Nation’s Capital’s Katelyn Mack, who was eighth in 54.23.

Men’s 100 Backstroke

Rockwood’s Jack Dolan defended his top seed, winning the men’s 100 backstroke by over half a second with a time of 47.61. Second place went to Spencer Walker of the Academy Bullets in 48.13. Luke Sobolewski of the Cincinnati Marlins was third in 48.23.

Grand Island YMCA’s Matthew Novinski finished in fourth place in 48.42. Tyler Sesvold of St. Charles placed fifth in 48.53.

Nation’s Capital’s Will Cumberland was the sixth place finisher in 48.68, just ahead of Metro Atlanta’s Christopher Thames, who was seventh in 48.74. Christian Ginieczki of Machine rounded out the top eight in 49.38.

Women’s 500 Freestyle

The women’s 500 freestyle was a battle between CSP Tideriders’s Genevieve Pfeifer and Club Wolverine’s Sierra Schmidt. Pfeifer got her hand on the wall first and dropped five seconds from her previous best time to go 4:39.48. Schmidt came in just after her in 4:39.75. The duo was nearly five seconds faster than the rest of the field.

Third place went to Madison Homovich of the Marlins of Raleigh, who touched in 4:44.03. Sinead Eksteen of Nation’s Capital followed in fourth in 4:44.11. NASA Wildcats’s Ella Tierney was fifth in 4:45.14.

Greater Tampa’s Morgan Tankersley placed sixth in 4:45.70. Paige Madden of City of Mobile finished seventh in 4:50.19, while Club Wolverine’s Georgia Mosher was eighth in 4:51.49.

12 year old Claire Tuggle also broke the 11-12 National Age Group record with her time of 4:49.32. She finished in 25th place. Read the full story here.

Men’s 100 Freestyle

Rockwood’s Jack Dolan picked up his second win of the night, this time in the men’s 100 freestyle. Dolan dropped nearly a second from this morning to go 44.11. He was just ahead of Baylor’s Robert Freeman, who finished second in 44.32. Samuel Pomajevich placed third in 44.47.

SwimStrongsville’s David Madej claimed fourth place in 44.58. William Messenger of Marlins of Raleigh was close behind in 44.64.

Sixth place went to Machine’s Thomas Hallock in 44.77. Henry Claesson of Lyons Swim Club and Colson Moore of South Eastern Virginia tied for seventh in 44.85.

Women’s 200 Breaststroke

Long Island’s Margaret Aroesty claimed her second breaststroke event of the weekend. After winning the 100 breaststroke on Wednesday, tonight she was able to hold off Marlins of Raleigh’s Ashley McCauley for the win. Both women dipped below the 2:10 barrier and dropped about two seconds each from their seed times, but Aroesty got her hand on the wall first in 2:09.43. McCauley was second in 2:09.82.

Third place went to Alexis Yager of the Academy Bullets in 2:11.24. Houston’s Kylie Powers followed in 2:12.85 for fourth. McCauley’s teammate Abigail Arens was fifth in 2:12.85.

Yager’s teammate Sydney Vanovermeiren finished sixth in 2:12.86. Machine’s Anna Keating  was seventh in 2:13.85. Kayla Jones of St. Charles rounded out the top eight in 2:15.92.

Men’s 200 Breaststroke

Penn Charter’s Reece Whitley dominated the men’s 200 breaststroke field. His time of 1:52.64 was a four second drop from this morning and was nearly five seconds ahead of second place finisher Spencer Rowe. Rowe, who represents Nation’s Capital, came in second in 1:57.21. He was followed by his teammate Timothy Wu who was third in 1:58.02.

Jack Dalmolin of the Chattahoochee Gold picked up fourth place in 1:58.14, while Machine’s Casey Storch was fifth in 1:58.69. Sixth place went to New Trier’s Charles Scheinfeld in 1:59.01.

Snow Swimming’s Michael Burris finished seventh in 2:00.37. Dillon Hillis of the Manhattan Makos was eighth in 2:00.76.

Women’s 100 Butterfly

The top four finishers in the women’s 100 butterfly all finished within .12 of each other. Rachel Wittmer of the Aquajets was the first one on the wall with a time of 53.67. Second place went to Gators’s Talia Bates, who finished in 53.70. A pair of Nation’s Capital teammates, Isabella Gati and Abigail Harter, came in at 53.74 and 53.79 for third and fourth place, respectively.

Long Island’s Kristen Romano picked up fifth place in 54.26. Wittmer’s teammate Madison Potter placed sixth in 54.40.

Another Nation’s Capital swimmer, Brooke Matthias, finished seventh in 54.78. Greater Tampa’s Ella Marlow rounded out the top eight, finishing in 55.33.

Men’s 100 Butterfly

Camden Murphy of Kingfish Aquatics led the men’s 100 butterfly from start to finish. His time of 46.58 was over a second faster than anyone else. Nation’s Capital’s Pomajevich picked up second in 47.77. Tyler Sesvold of St. Charles finished third in 47.90.

Marlins of Raleigh’s Zachary Brown placed fourth in 48.25. Zachary Smith of Crimson Tide was fifth in 48.29.

Sixth place went to Luke Sobolewski of the Cincinnati Marlins in a time of 48.40. Nation’s Capital’s Cumberland came in seventh in 48.63, and Manhattan Makos’s Hillis was eighth in 49.36.

Men’s 800 Freestyle Relay

The Nation’s Capital men dominated the 800 freestyle relay. Jonathan Pollock (1:39.09), Allen Ross (1:39.34), Samuel Tarter (1:39.70), and Pomajevich (1:36.67) combined for a time of 6:34.80, which was three seconds ahead of the rest of the field. The Cincinnati Marlins team of Sobolewski (1:41.09), Joshua McDonald (1:39.92), Nicholas Perera (1:38.82), and Justin Grender (1:37.46) came in second in 6:37.29. Third place went to Academy Bullets’s team of William Kamps (1:39.31), Joshua Lantow (1:40.60), Spencer Walker (1:40.17), and Horace Qiao (1:40.06) in 6:40.14.

All results can be found on Meet Mobile.