2015 AT&T Winter USA National Championships Day 2 Finals Live Recap

Dana Vollmer
Photo Courtesy: David Farr

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Women’s 400 IM

In a super close contest, the second-ranked swimmer in the world Maya DiRado of Stanford notched a victory against BlueFish’s Elizabeth Beisel in the women’s 400-meter IM.

DiRado earned the national championship with a time of 4:36.85.  That’s well off her World Championship time of 4:31.71 that ranks her second in the world.

Beisel raced her way to silver in 4:37.01, just off her 11th-ranked season best of 4:36.71 from the Austin stop of the Arena Pro Swim Series.  That’s a big swim considering Beisel was injured this summer and hasn’t been able to put together a top effort in awhile.

Aggies’ Sarah Henry earned bronze in 4:40.01, while sixth-ranked Caitlin Leverenz wound up fourth in 4:40.79.

Ella Eastin (4:43.65), Vien Nguyen (4:44.88), Trojan’s Haley Anderson (4:47.01) and UBCD’s Emily Overholt (4:55.69) rounded out the top eight.

Ohio State’s Lindsey Clary turned up the heat in the freestyle leg of the B final with a 4:45.50 for the win.  Matea Samardzic raced her way to second in the heat with a time of 4:45.91.  California’s Celina Li, who led most of the race, fell to third in 4:46.81 in the freestyle leg.

Carly Cummings topped the C final in a time of 4:49.63 with Ohio State’s Meg Bailey taking second in 4:50.20.  Erika Seltenreich-Hodgson posted a 4:52.87 for third in the heat.

Men’s 400 IM

NBAC’s Chase Kalisz, now training in Tempe with Michael Phelps during an Olympic redshirt from Georgia, demolished the field in the men’s 400-meter IM championship heat.

Kalisz uncorked a blazing time of 4:12.80 for an eight-second victory.  That swim fell just three seconds short of his scorching 4:10.05 at Worlds that ranked him fourth in the world.

Max Williamson checked in with a second-place time of 4:20.86, while Gator’s Dan Wallace took third in 4:21.03.

Bolles’ Christian Carbone (4:25.18), RAC’s Kieran Smith (4:26.54), BlueFish’s Max Miranda (4:26.60) and PACK’s Ben Walker (4:31.97) took fourth through seventh.  Michigan’s Stephen Holmquist drew a DQ.

Michigan’s Ian Rainey had an eight-second drop from this morning with a dominant 4:20.94 to win the B final of the distance medley, and would have finished third in the A final.  Carlos Omana took second in the heat in 4:25.44 with Tal Davis earning third in 4:27.00.

Pasadena’s Sean Lee won the C final in a time of 4:28.65.  Michigan’s Ryan Sebastian placed second in 4:29.33 with Tristan Cote earning third in 4:29.85.

Women’s 100 fly

Olympic champion Dana Vollmer dipped under 58 seconds for the first time since the 2013 World Championships to win the 100 fly.

Vollmer turned in a swift time of 57.95 for the win, vaulting to 16th in the world rankings.

Vollmer is still on the comeback trail after giving birth following the 2012 London Olympics.

SoFlo’s Claire Donahue chased down second in 58.37 with Kendyl Stewart taking third in 58.45.

California’s Noemie Thomas (58.64), Kelly Naze (58.95) and Farida Osman (59.13) took fourth through sixth.

Amber Carter (59.46) and Stanford’s Felicia Lee (1:00.00) also swam in the A final.

Aquazot’s Eva Merrell hit the wall in 58.58 to win the B final.  Beata Nelson finished second in 59.68 with Gold’s Lauren Case earning third in 59.74.

SMU’s Marne Erasmus touched out Duke’s Isabella Paez for the C final win, 59.91 and 59.99.  Duke’s Leah Goldman took third in 1:00.33.

Men’s 100 fly

NBAC’s Michael Phelps collected another national title as he overhauled California’s Tom Shields in the men’s 100-meter fly.

Phelps raced his way to a 51.38 to overtake Shields, who placed second in 51.41.  Phelps stunned the world with a top-ranked time of 50.45 this summer at Nationals in San Antonio, and he’s showing he’s in good form heading down the final stretch to the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Phelps is swimming some of his fastest unshaved times ever, with a pair of sub-52s in one day here in the 100 fly.

Shields finished half-a-second off his fifth-ranked 51.03 from Worlds as well.  Auburn’s Luis Martinez finished third in 52.35.

Canyons’ Santo Condorelli (52.41), Tucson Ford’s Masa Kishida (52.73), Santa Clara’s Kyler Vanswol (53.13), David Nolan (53.51) and Venezuela’s Albert Subirats (53.84) also competed in the championship heat.

California’s Seth Stubblefield threw down a 53.29 to win the B final.  Alex Valente took second in 53.41 with Eugene Godsoe placing third in 53.57.

Wolfpack Elite’s David Williams won the C final in 54.22 with BJ Hornikel taking second in 54.28.  Michigan’s Dylan Bosch posted a third-place time of 54.31.

Women’s 200 free

In a star-studded finale, NBAC’s Allison Schmitt cranked out a 1:56 to win the women’s 200-meter free.

Schmitt took home the title in 1:56.77, just off her 10th-ranked season best of 1:56.23 from the Pan American Games this summer.  That gives her a second title this weekend after topping the 400 free.

Colorado Stars’ Missy Franklin raced her way to second in 1:57.30 with Michigan’s Siobhan Haughey claiming third in 1:58.48.

Michigan’s Gillian Ryan (1:58.50), Stanford’s Simone Manuel (1:58.54), California’s Camille Cheng (1:58.78), NBAC’s Cierra Runge (1:59.76) and Indiana’s Kennedy Goss (2:01.60) touched fourth through eighth.

Badger’s Lindsay Vrooman put up a 1:59.45 to win the B final.  Emma Nordin took second in 2:00.59 with Ohio State’s Sam Cheverton claiming third in 2:00.81.

California’s Elizabeth Pelton won the C final in 2:00.52 with Stanzi Moseley taking second in 2:00.74.  California’s Melanie Klaren picked up third in 2:01.79.

Men’s 200 free

Trojan’s Conor Dwyer cruised to victory in the men’s 200-meter free with a time of 1:46.62.  That cleared his 15th-ranked season best of 1:46.64 from Worlds.

Wisconsin’s Michael Weiss took down second in 1:47.85 with Matias Koski putting up a third-place 1:47.96.

Pleasanton’s Maxime Rooney (1:48.00), YMCA Westside’s Darian Townsend (1:48.77), Sega’s Takeshi Matsuda (1:49.10), Indiana’s Blake Pieroni (1:49.13) and Club Wolverine’s Michael Wynalda (1:50.47) closed out the top eight.

Matthew Stanley of New Zealand claimed the B final in 1:49.25 with Club Wolverine’s Justin Glanda taking second in 1:49.74.  Island’s Jeremy Bagshaw placed third in 1:50.04.

Indiana’s Anze Tavcar took the C final in 1:49.83.  SLU’s Ryan McCoy posted a second-place 1:51.13 with Ohio State’s Brayden Seal taking third in 1:51.40.

Women’s 100 breast

Russia’s Yuliya Efimova had enough in the tank to hold off Indiana’s Lilly King in the women’s 100-meter breast.

Efimova, still battling the specter of performance enhancement after a positive test and the rampant issues in Russian anti-doping circles, managed to win in 1:06.17.  That swim was not far off her second-ranked 1:05.60 from Worlds.

King, meanwhile, chased down silver in a time of 1:06.43 to vault into a sixth-ranked tie with Kanako Watanabe.  King’s previous best had been a 1:06.69 at Nationals in San Antonio. She’s the second-fastest American behind Katie Meili’s third-ranked 1:05.64 this year.

Tennessee’s Molly Hannis placed third overall in 1:07.51 with SMU’s Rachel Nicol taking fourth in 1:07.89.

Indiana’s Miranda Tucker (1:07.95), NYAC’s Breeja Larson (1:08.15), Kierra Smith (1:08.27) and California’s Marina Garcia Urzainqui (1:08.98) put up the rest of the times in the A final.

Franko Jonker claimed the B final win in 1:08.99 with Michigan’s Emily Kopas placing second in 1:09.14.  Badger’s Emily McClellan finished third in 1:09.65.

SMU’s Tara-Lynn Nicholas stopped the clock in 1:09.63 to win the C final.  Greta Leberfinger finished just behind in 1:09.67 with T2’s Justine Bowker earning third in 1:09.80.

Men’s 100 breast

Sam Tierney took down the men’s 100-meter breast title in 1:00.15, while Tucson Ford’s Marcus Titus took second in 1:00.55.  Nick Schafer finished third in 1:00.71 with GPAC’s Brendan McHugh in fourth in 1:00.83.

Club Wolverine’s Richard Funk (1:00.91), Venezuela’s Carlos Claverie (1:01.08), California’s Chuck Katis (1:01.28) and Mexico’s Miguel Ojeda (1:01.47) touched fifth through eighth.

NYAC’s Mike Alexandrov provided some outside smoke with a 1:01.66 to win the B final from lane 1.  Grand Canyon’s Youssef El Kamash took second in 1:02.30 with Jonathan Leopold taking third in 1:02.43.

Uvis Kalnins claimed the C final with a time of 1:02.78 with Sean Mahoney just behind in 1:02.84.  Mike Fisher picked up third in 1:03.08.

Women’s 100 back

In another loaded finale, Colorado Stars’ Missy Franklin seized the women’s 100-meter back national championship.

Franklin put up a top time of 1:00.03 for the win, touching out Michigan’s Ali DeLoof (1:00.10).  California’s Rachel Bootsma (1:00.25) and Natalie Coughlin (1:00.41) finished third and fourth.

Carmel’s Claire Adams (1:00.46), California’s Kathleen Baker (1:00.48), Michigan’s Clara Smiddy (1:00.49) and Kira Toussaint (1:01.41) placed fifth through eighth.

Cascade’s Brooklynn Snodgrass captured the B final in 1:00.68.  Johanna Roas touched just behind in 1:00.77.  Cascade’s Ingrid Wilm earned third in 1:01.06.

Tualatin Hills’ Keaton Blovad won the C final in 1:02.03.  Phoenix’s Noriko Inada finished second in 1:02.15 with Grand Canyon’s Iryna Glavnyk taking third in 1:02.31.

Men’s 100 back

Tucson Ford’s Matt Grevers blasted the finale with a season-best time in the men’s 100-meter back.

Grevers won the last finale of the night with a 52.54.  That swim cleared his fifth-ranked time at Worlds of 52.66, but wasn’t enough to surpass David Plummer’s 52.51 for fourth in the world.

Louisville’s Grigory Tarasevich took second in 53.80 with NYAC’s Arkady Vyatchanin claiming third in 54.12.

Club Wolverine’s Junya Koga (54.45), Alabama’s Christopher Reid (54.47), Patrick Mulcare (54.50), Eugene Godsoe (55.63) and Alabama’s Luke Kaliszak (56.81) placed fourth through eighth.

Trojan’s Vlad Morozov picked up the B final in 53.85, while Anton Loncar took second in 55.57.  Paul Le wound up third in 55.58.

UBCD’s Markus Thormeyer checked in with a 55.84 to win the C final.  Russell Wood took second in 55.87 with Tucson Ford’s Grant Betulius earning third in 55.88.


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