2012 London Olympics: FINA’s Cornel Marculescu States Underwater Video Judging Will Be Discussed by Technical Swimming Committee, Could Be Decided by 2013 World Championships

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LONDON, England, August 8. IN an article released by The Associated Press, hot on the heels of Cameron van der Burgh's controversial comments stating that he cheated with illegal dolphin kicks during his world-record setting gold-medal victory, FINA Executive Director Cornel Marculescu explained that underwater video judging could be in decided by the 2013 World Championships in Barcelona.

“Judges can only judge what they see,” Marculescu told the Associated Press. “They cannot judge what they don't see. This is something to be looked at by the technical swimming committee.”

The Associated Press then reported that Marculescu stated that a decision on video use could come at the next FINA Congress at the 2013 World Championships in Barcelona. The Associated Press did not, however, print a direct quote from Marculescu stating this information.

The AP further reported that “FINA wanted to install underwater video use at its last two world championships in Rome (2009) and Shanghai (2011), but host broadcasters protested because of the cost. It would require three cameras in each of the eight lanes.” The AP also reported that possibilities for underwater video were discussed during the coaches meeting on Sunday to complete the pool competition.

The AP also reported that Marculescu floated the concept that the women's 800 free could be out of the Olympic program in favor of the 1500 free by 2016.

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