18 Essentials to Pack for Training Trip

Training Pool
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By Kelsey Mitchell, Swimming World College Intern.

Packing for your team’s training trip can be difficult, especially if you are going directly from winter break to your training destination. Fear not, though! This helpful guide will help you to remain packed and prepared during the most difficult yet rewarding training periods of your season.

1. Swimsuits

Though it may seem obvious, forgetting your suit during training trip would be disastrous. Considered bringing an extra as a back in case one rips or doesn’t dry between double practices. No one likes to squeeze into a soggy suit.

2. Caps


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Though not always as important as a suit depending on one’s hair, caps are a staple for swim training. When you are doing doubles for a week straight, you’ll want to protect your hair from the chlorine as much as possible.

3. Goggles

Also seemingly obvious, goggles are one of the easiest things to forget. They are small and used so frequently that they are often a second thought. Be sure to bring tinted ones to protect against the sun’s glare if you are training outdoors.

4. Towels

Be sure to pack at least two of these bad boys. With frequent training sessions, they may not dry all the way, making an extra, dry towel a luxury after a hard practice.

5. Gym Shoes

Dry land training without shoes is uncomfortable, and is just flat out dangerous. Practicing without shoes leaves your feet exposed and greatly increases your chances of getting injured, so be sure to pack them.

6. Deck Shoes

Deck shoes help to keep your feet and legs supported while also helping to prevent fungal infections or burns from scorching decks. Pack these to keep your piggies safe during your trip.

7. Foam Roller

With the excessive amount of training swimmers put in during training trip, a roller becomes their best friend. Though its large size can make packing difficult, be sure to bring yours to speed up recovery.

8. Lacrosse Ball

Similar to the foam roller, the lacrosse ball is also a useful recovery tool. The ball’s small size and heavy material makes it good for massaging smaller, more specific muscle groups. Its small size also makes it a convenient tool to pack.

9. Work Out Clothes

Just like a swim suit, dryland clothes are a seemingly obvious thing to pack for training trip. Be sure to pack enough pairs of clothes and don’t forget the socks.

10. Lounge Clothes

No one wants to slide into a tight pair of jeans after a challenging practice. Pajama pants, sweats and hoodies are all great, comfortable options to relax and rest in after a long day of training.

11. Beach Attire


Photo Courtesy: Meaghan Abelein

If your team is lucky enough to go to a tropical destination for training trip, be sure to bring some clothes for the beach. Two piece swim suits, cover ups, sunglasses and hats are always great options for the beach.

12. Wallet

Forgetting your wallet on training trip could be devastating. It’s helpful to have money for food and local shopping. It is also important to have your ID if you are flying to your training destination.

13. Card Games

Cards are a fun and relaxing way to spend time with your teammates between practices. They require little energy and can include many people – perfect for team bonding.

14. Laptop or Tablet

Laptops and tablets are also great ways to pass time while resting. Use them to listen to music, watch movies and stream television shows in your hotel room. These are also great items to pack on your carry-on bag.

15. Books

Books are another relaxing way to send travel time or down time between practices. They are also a good way to help you fall asleep before early morning training sessions.

16. Headphones or Earbuds

Also easy to forget, earbuds are especially important to remember for long drives and flights. No one wants to hear your movie on the airplane, so be sure to pack these in your carry-on bag.

17. Equipment Bag

As these are often stored on the pool deck, remembering to pack it into your checked bag can be difficult. Be sure not to forget this, though; you don’t want to be struggling through a fin set without your fins.

18. Lotion and Sunblock

Sunblock and lotion are both very important to pack during training trip. Between the constant sun and chlorine, your skin will take a beating. Be sure to remember both of these skin care items to avoid painful burns and cracks.

All commentaries are the opinion of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Swimming World Magazine nor its staff.

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