10 Reasons to Date A Swimmer

Photo Courtesy: Katie Seaton
By Bri Groves, Swimming World College Intern
It’s hard to escape dating a swimmer when your primary interests include swimming, swimming, and more swimming. Luckily for you, swimmers are an incredibly appealing breed of athlete. Here are ten reasons why you should consider making a swimmer your next partner:

1. We’re always clean (or at least heavily chlorinated).

Jul 14, 2015; Toronto, Ontario, CAN; Katherine Mills of the United States splashes herself with water before the women's 200m butterfly swimming final during the 2015 Pan Am Games at Pan Am Aquatics UTS Centre and Field House. Mandatory Credit: Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Courtesy: Erich Schlegel/USA Today Sports Images

Who says chlorine should only act as a perfume? Chlorine is an all-inclusive antibacterial, body wash, shampoo, and conditioner. What a bargain.

2. Eating a lot…together.


Photo Courtesy: Sabrina Groves

If you want to pig-out and feel good about it, try eating with a swimmer. Carbo-loading is the perfect opportunity to sit back, relax, and enjoy the fact that the person you’re sitting across the table from can eat twice as much as you (and probably more if given the chance).

3. Who doesn’t love watching swim meets?

number one fans

Photo Courtesy: Rebecca Hoffman

Why not go on a watch-my-partner-dominate-the-pool date? Swim meets are the perfect occasion for you to support the team and yell about how much you absolutely adore your partner. Later, take time to watch, talk, and maybe even play other sports. Just stay a safe distance away from us because despite our natural prowess in the water, we’re usually clumsy on land.

4. That swimmer’s body.

Core training

Photo Courtesy: Griffin Scott

Muscles, abs, shoulders, and a tight suit…need I say more?

5. The transformation from sweats to clothes.


Photo Courtesy: Annie Grevers

Unfortunately swimming, like so many other sports, forces us to choose between convenient comfortable attire and what’s “in.” We generally prefer the former, but for those special someones who request monkey suits and skimpy dresses; we’re willing to do a temporary costume change.

6. Clocks are our frenemies.

Blonde lying in bed and hitting alarm clock

Photo Courtesy: Huffington Post

Swimming takes time, so do relationships, eating, sleeping, and studying. Don’t worry, we’ll squeeze you in.

7. We typically have less body hair (at least during taper).


Photo Courtesy: Richard Masoner, Flickr

Have you heard of No-Shave-November? That’s okay, keep enjoying our smooth naked mole rat skin and we’ll fill you in later.

8. Netflix party anyone?


Before practice, after practice, between practices: Swimmers need lounge time. Stop by, meet a teammate (or ten) and relish in the non-productivity.

9. We’re dedicated.


Photo Courtesy: Shannon Edelbrock

We’re dedicated to going back and forth across the pool hundreds of times for hours, days, years all the while staring at the same black line and pondering what our time will be when we touch the wall. Chances are, you’re worthy of dedication.

10. We like to be prepared.


Photo Courtesy: Jack Hiniker

Wait, showing up to a meet with five pairs of goggles in a swim bag is weird? What about swimming five hours a day to finish a race after 20 some seconds? Swimmers are prepared mentally, intellectually, materialistically, physiologically…Amorously? Probably.



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  2. Jane Highberger Bergan

    I married my swimmer boyfriend 30 years ago! Hoping for 30 more years, at least!

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    Met my husband on the pool deck… Almost 29 years ago. Fritz and Tatum

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    Wait…no mention of wet kisses or other more “interesting” perks? This list could use some editing! 🙂

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    Over half of these could be said for other athletes…

Author: Bri Groves

Sabrina Groves is a sophomore student-athlete at Mount Holyoke College pursuing a double major in Biology and English with a teacher licensure in secondary education. She holds multiple MHC swimming records, has been featured as MHC’s Athlete of the week, and was a finalist at this year’s NEWMAC conference championships. Prior to swimming at Mount Holyoke College, Groves trained with York Swim Club in northern Virginia.

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