ZUMO Performance of the Week: Nathan Adrian Posts 48.50 in 100 Free

Nathan Adrian posted a huge 48.50 over the weekend to continue his comeback following cancer treatment; Photo Courtesy: Taylor Brien

This week’s ZUMO Performance of the Week goes to Nathan Adrian for his performance in the 100 free in Berkeley over the weekend.

Swimming at a low-pressure meet in Berkeley between the Cal and Stanford pro groups, Adrian put up a 48.50 100 free. Out in 23.55 and back just under 25 seconds (24.95) on the second 50, the Olympic gold medalist sliced about eight-tenths off his previous season-best of 49.31 from the TYR Pro Swim Series in Bloomington.


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Not only was that the fastest since his return to the pool following treatment for testicular cancer, but also just a couple tenths off his fastest times from last summer. Adrian was 48.25 at 2018 U.S. Nationals and followed that up with a 48.32 at Pan Pacs a few weeks later.

All this adds up to a huge swim for the Cal pro, who is showing no signs of slowing down after his return to the pool after treatment for testicular cancer just last month. Adrian is on the roster for two major international meets this summer: the Pan American Games, where he will compete individually, and the World Championships, where he is on the roster as part of the 400 free relay.

Congratulations to Nathan Adrian on earning ZUMO’s Performance of the Week!


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