ZUMO Performance of the Week: Court of Arbitration For Sport Suspends Sun Yang For Tampering

Sun Yang, with his counsel Ian Meakin to the left, in Montreux at the CAS hearing - Photo Courtesy: Craig Lord sunyanglast3
Sun Yang, with his counsel Ian Meakin to the left, in Montreux at the CAS hearing (November 2019) - Photo Courtesy: Craig Lord


This week’s ZUMO Performance of the Week goes to the Court of Arbitration for Sport for its decision in suspending Chinese freestyler Sun Yang for his role in tampering with a doping sample in September 2018. In a damning judgment, a panel of three senior judges at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) handed the Chinese Olympic champion an eight-year ban. The penalty is not backdated and starts the day of the announcement (February 28), ruling Sun out of the defence of the 200m freestyle title at Tokyo 2020.

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) welcomed the ruling saying that it “confirms those concerns and is a significant result.”

Swimmers all around the world applauded the decision including those who were involved in the infamous podium protests of Sun’s presence at the World Championships last year — Mack Horton and Duncan Scott.

The magnitude of the decision is why the CAS earns our ZUMO Performance of the Week over anything that happened in the pool last week.

A simple sentence from Mack Horton said it all and kept a lid on all of the reaction.

“My stance has always been for clean sport. It is not, and never will be about individuals or nations. Today’s outcome does not change my stance.”

On Friday, Duncan Scott issued a statement that read:

“I fully respect and support the decision that has been made and announced by the Court of Arbitration for Sport this morning.

“I believe in clean sport and a level playing field for all athletes and I trust in CAS and WADA to uphold these values.”

Adam Peaty has welcomed the news of Sun Yang‘s eight-year ban after the Court of Arbitration for Sport announced their verdict.

The Olympic 100m breaststroke champion told Swimming World:

“Very good. For anyone that’s been banned once, potentially it’s a mistake. The odds are yeah – you could have taken any supplement or whatever.

“You’re looking at it twice – you’re a fool. I believe that you’re disrespecting the sport, you’re disrespecting yourself and you’re disrespecting your country.”

As Cate Campbell took a break from the Australian 4x100m freestyle relay squad National Camp at the AIS, Campbell looked back on Friday and news of an eight-year ban on Sun Yang handed down in favor of the World Anti-Doping Agency by the Court of Arbitration for Sport. Smile on face, she said:

“Friday night was a really exciting night…and an exciting night for clean sport…it restores faith in the judicial system… everyone needs to be accountable to the same rules.”

Leadership dripping from her words, Campbell added:

“Once a ban of this substance has been handed down we need to go back and ask why athletes were allowed to compete at a World Championships with a ban like this hanging over their heads. Some organizations need more improvement than others and I think that this is definitely something that needs to be reviewed.

“Tough questions need to be asked. I’m not the person who should be asking those questions, I think that FINA should be asking themselves those questions and they really need to have a look at the standards they’re setting.

“Mack is a man of integrity and I don’t think this decision has vindicated him in anyway shape or form, I think that it has just confirmed his courage as an athlete.”

Swimming World applauds the Court of Arbitration for Sport for its decision and that is why they have received the ZUMO Performance of the Week.


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