Duncan Scott Joins Mack Horton In Podium Protest After “You Loser” Rant From Sun Yang

Stand-off: Britain's Duncan Scott, right, refuses to pose with Sun Yang, flanked by Katsuhiro Matsumoto, left, and Martin Malyutin, after the 200m free medals ceremony - Photo Courtesy: Patrick B. Kraemer

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World Championships,

Gwangju, Day 3 finals

The world got a flash of the infamous temper of Chinese controversy Sun Yang when Britain’s Duncan Scott staged a silent podium protest in support of Fair Play tonight at the Nambu pool here in Gwangju.

The incident led to both swimmers being issued with warnings from FINA just before midnight local time for “bringing the sport and/or FINA into disrepute”.

Passions already running high after Australian Mack Horton courted a FINA warning for refusing to stand on the podium with Sun after the 400m freestyle final on Sunday, tension was added to the mix when Lithuanian Danys Rapsys won the 200m final but had his celebrations cut short by disqualification for moving on his blocks at the start. That left Sun to shine as champion once more.

Whatever happened on the way to the medals, by the time they swimmers reached the podium, a dark cloud had washed over Sun’s mood: after he accepted the gold medal, he turned to the shared bronze medallists to his left and shouted loudly in Scott’s face, fists clenched, aggression his body language of choice. By the time the swimmers left the stage, he would say, more than once, “you loser … I am (the) winner”.

The booing and jeering that started when Rapsys was denied switched camps from crowd and athletes’ stands to Chinese fans when Scott stood at a distance from the other three swimmers and refused to pose for medal-winners’ photographs with Sun.

The snaps shot, Sun passed the waiting Scott – who had not inflamed the situation by answering back and simply maintained what he saw as his right to stand in protest – before turning on him once more, leaning into him aggressively and repeating: “You loser … (me) the winner”.

Third placed Duncan Scott of Great Britain is being celebrated by other swimmers, coaches and most of the crowd on his way out after refusing to pose with winner Yang Sun of China (not pictured) during the medal ceremony for the men's 200m Freestyle Final during the Swimming events at the Gwangju 2019 FINA World Championships, Gwangju, South Korea, 23 July 2019.

Time to say goodbye to playing along with athletes towing a doping record, says Duncan Scott as he makes his way off the deck top cheers from the crowd and athletes – Photo Courtesy: Patrick B. Kraemer

Once more, Scott stood back as the other three medallists posed for more photos on the deck. He then decided, to boos from Chinese fans but far louder cheering from the rest of the crowd, athletes, coaches and even some media, too, to walk away. As he did ask, he waved his arm up in the air towards his teammates, the Australians and others to acknowledge the support raining down on his from the stands, teammates – and on social media.

  • Now retired from racing, Australian Olympic gold medallist Mel Wright tweeted of Scott: “I hope FINA and the world Anti-Doping authorities are watching the tide swell. More needs to be done and the athletes have had enough. Bravo ?? ??”
  • Agent to Scott and Britain teammate Adam Peaty, Rob Woodhouse, an Olympic medallist for Australia back in 1984, weighed in with: “So proud of @Dunks_Scott stance on medal dais tonight. Brilliant swim and dignified protest. A true champion”.

After emerging from his 50m breaststroke semi-final, Peaty, asked if he had been aware of the podium stand-off, said: “Yes I saw that.

“He is completely right. If people are booing Sun, it’s for a reason. He should be asking himself now – should I really be in this sport when people are booing me?”

But I know how they are and I know how he is so it’s … yeah … If I was swimming I wouldn’t even get on the podium for that matter.”

Had there been a conversation about a potential protest in the British camp? “Not really no,” said Peaty.

“I think the most important thing as a sports person is that you have a right to a voice and Duncan showed his voice tonight and so did the crowd. It’s completely fair that what ever is going on behind the scenes now is not going right because if the fans aren’t wanting it then why is he even here?”

South African Chad Le Clos, runner-up to Sun in the 200m freestyle at the 2016 Olympics in Rio, said:

“It’s good that people are taking a stand — I want my gold medal from Rio and [fourth-placed] James Guy [GBR] should get his bronze, because people cheating in sport shouldn’t be allowed.”

Asked about the manner of his victory, Sun said: “That may be my luckiest-ever gold medal. But fortune rewards those who work hard.”


Dive into Peace, says the pool poster but swimming is at war over the fight for clean sport

FINA leaders watched the incident unfold underneath the big screen flanked by giant posters of the championship motto: Dive into Peace.

It found none last night but issued a swift warning to both swimmers:

  • The FINA Executive met today in Gwangju (KOR) to analyse the situation occurred during the men’s 200m free victory ceremony and has decided to send a warning letter to athletes Duncan Scott (GBR) and Sun Yang (CHN). 
  • Both competitors had an inadequate behaviour on this occasion, which is not acceptable in accordance with the FINA Constitution Rule C 12.1.3. [“for bringing the Aquatics sport and/or FINA into disrepute”].

That rule may well have to be considered by FINA when it comes to whether Sun and the overnight events of September 4-5 last year, regardless of any outcome of a CAS case, brought the sport into disrepute.


Lilly King – Photo Courtesy: Becca Wyant

It was a point picked up by Lilly King, the American Olympic breaststroke champion who retained the 100m title tonight in a race with her anti-doping nemesis Yuliya Efimova – as she delivered a thumping rebuke to FINA.

Asked if she thought Scott’s actions brave King – an advocate for clean sport who joined about 200 other athletes, or “the whole dining hall”, in the clapping for Horton last Sunday night after his podium protest – said:

“Yeah, definitely. Anytime people are going to make a bold move like . that and stand up for something they believe in that is something I stand for and I think that’s really cool. Standing up for what you believe in and maybe other people are afraid for is kind of frowned upon in swimming. And its kinda scary to think about so the fact they are doing that is pretty incredible.”

Asked if the consequences of action were scary, she said:

“Yeah, which is sad because FINA has currently done more to reprimand Mack Hrton than they have done to reprimand Sun Yang. So think about that. Pretty crazy.”

Sun has towed a doping positive since 2014, while accusations of bad behaviour have accompanied him.

The CAS case of Sun Yang Vs WADA will be decided on the technicalities of what happened on the evening of September 4-5 last year when testers called to collect blood and urine samples from Sun Yang near his home in Zheijiang Province.

The FINA Doping Panel report into events raises serious issues of behaviour, which led the panel to issue Sun with a series of stern rebukes.

Sun’s behaviour has been a hot topic for a few years. In China, he once served a short stint in jail for driving without a licence after the Porsche he was taking for a spin collided with a bus in China, while in 2015 at the World Championships in Kazan, Russia, he kicked in a locker in a dispute with team officials who had withdrawn him from the 1500m freestyle final on health grounds and was the subject of a complaint from a Brazilian woman swimmer who said he had hit her in the warm-up pool.

FINA did not issue a warning on that occasion but in a warning letter to Swimming Australia over Horton’s protest, the international federation said: “While FINA respects the principle of freedom of speech, it has to be conducted in the right context. As in all major sports organisations, our athletes and their entourages are aware of their responsibilities to respect FINA regulations and not use FINA events to make personal statements or gestures.”

There was no question that “statements or gestures” came into play tonight when Sun screamed “loser” in Scott’s face on a world-championship podium. The question is, therefore, will British Swimming get a warning from FINA? And if so, will the Chinese Swimming Association get one for Sun at a time of anti-doping case pending at the Court of Arbitration for sport?


Sun Yang – a face in the crowd as the crowd exchange jeers and cheers – Photo Courtesy: Becca Wyant

Earlier in the day Australian Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association (ASCTA) has called on FINA, the international federation, to follow the example of the International Swimming League and take a zero-tolerance approach to anti-doping “… rather than issue meaningless letters of warning against clean athletes who take a stand”.

The letter was that about Horton after he refused to step up on the podium next to China’s Sun Yang after the 400m freestyle final at the World Championships here in Gwangju, Korea.

Horton decided to make a stand against Sun’s presence at a championship at a time when an anti-doping case against him is pending at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

A tentative September date has been set for a hearing into the World Anti-Doping Agency‘s March challenge to a FINA Doping Panel hearing into troubling events that unfolded at an out-of-competition test near Sun’s home last September, the events surrounding which were revealed by the Sunday Times in January.

It was March before WADA lodged a case with the CAS to challenge a FINA Doping Panel ruling that let Sun go free but handed him a series of stern rebukes for his behaviour during four hours of argument with out-of-competition testers who called at his home on September 4 last year.

Last weekend, Sun’s lawyers protested their client’s innocence in a statement that said the Olympic 200m freestyle champion had requested that the CAS hold its hearing in public in the interests of transparency.

Horton’s silent protest has earned plaudits from international peers in the pool and on the deck, while in China, his stance has faced heavy criticism and abuse from fans of Sun Yang.

Scott, too, was treated to a wave of social-media support from the swimming and sports community around the world (more on that later).

In the mixed zone, Scott did not elaborate when asked how he had felt about the controversy as he headed into the 200m final with Sun. He indicated that no words were needed from him, noting as he pointed at this author: “You do quite a job of making sure everyone continues to know about it and so I guess that’s all I have got to say about it.”



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      Uh Huh

      Wow, so many paid actors here. Yep, that’s how they do it, everywhere, time and time again. After all, it’s 1.4 BILLIONS.

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      Sour losers have no knowledge what so ever how hard Chinese work. They don’t understand and don’t try to get to the facts. This article even got Sun Yang’s home province spelled wrong.
      When Lance Armstrong was winning Tour De France year after year under rumors of doping, none of the silver or bronze medalists refused to share podum with him. When a westerner is winning exceptionally, he must be a great athlete. When a Chinese is winning, it must be that he is doping.
      The west is scared of the rising China in every respect because people and media in the west are ignorant – they don’t understand the real reason of China’s rise, which is sticking to a long-term plan and hard work.
      Well, Sun is the winner, no matter you admit it or not.

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      Farking white racists sore losers chant together, are all in it together.

  1. Jennifer Chu

    Bad manners are catching it seems, sad!

    • Ian Black

      Sad that some athletes cheat by taking drugs. Sun is a drug cheat and even broke his own blood vials so he could not be tested this year. It is not bad manners to object to that.

      • avatar

        Do you have evidence that Sun has cheated?? The Swim Association has proved that he was clear!! Please be respectful and responsible for what you have said.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • avatar

        Yoli, really???? Breaks his own vials on top of his positive test in 2014 and his behaviour and WE are suppose to be respectful. Clearly a Sun fan with blatant disregard for the sitution

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        Mack Horton is a pig

        Do you have evidence?Yes,you and your family are proud of your mouth, so your family is only a loser in your society?Am i right? hahaha

    • Jennifer Chu

      The sheep are following the flock with out knowing the true facts. Lynch mob mentality!

      • avatar

        And he can shout abuse at other swimmers – he seems a nasty piece of work

    • Joanne Sayer

      True facts? Sun was banned in 2014 for a positive test, in 2017 he refused to follow protocol, was verbally abusive and helped smash vials of his blood after refusing to provide a urine sample….. but athletes who stand in quiet protest at him being allowed to compete with a hearing waiting to take place are bad mannered? I hope my children grow up to be as bad mannered as both Scott and Horton as I would be a very proud parent that my children have standards and stand up for what they believe in, in this instance the opportunity to compete in a sport that is clean and shows zero tolerance to those who either cheat or fail to follow the anti doping procedures!

      • avatar

        I doubt that you took drug, will you refuse me to inquiry you?
        I cannot imagine you can teach your children respect well, respect others is respect yourself.
        Please keep quiet if no evidence, do not be a keyboard-woman.

      • avatar

        I understand you, but what you say is not what it is.

    • Jim Kuan

      Joanne Sayer Refuse to provide samples to official, or someone unidentified?

    • Ziyu Song

      Ian Black The drug you mentioned was Trimetazidine and it’s been definied as cardiac muscle function regulator by WADA since 2015 which means it’s literally medicine instead of dope. As for the destruction of his blood sample, the FINA acquitted him bcoz the the inspectors couldn’t provide their licenses. The judge will be held at September and that is the reason why Sun can compete right now. Btw I’m not express opinions, I’m telling the facts.

    • Kristine Murphy Grim

      Jennifer Chu agreed. Yang lost his mind. Should have been removed.

    • Jennifer Chu

      Kristine Murphy Grim Mmm What? Who you?

    • Kristine Murphy Grim

      Ziyu Song do you know how many medicines are not allowed by spirting federations? Just because it’s medicine doesn’t make it legal. ?

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        Brent Rutemiller

        Steroids are used as medicine. Good point Kristine!

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        Kristine Murphy Grim -bitch

        You think other people don not know, it means you know? Your thought is absolutely right? Do you think you are a good person? I think you are only a arrogant rubbish , I do not know where your self-confidence come from, I think your family did not teach you well in your childhood, so i think you should go back to your slumdog and do as a loser.

    • Bozjidar Bogdan

      Joanne Sayer Sun is the winner..they are losers

    • Ziyu Song

      Kristine Murphy Grim Like what I said WADA defined Trimetazidine as legal medicine instead of prohibited drug itself, which meant already this medicine can be used

    • Jennifer Chu

      Amazing that many apparently feel themselves more knowing than FINA and WADA!

    • Jennifer Chu

      Michelle Angela Panyandee and you are the judge and the jury not FINA!

    • Meng Wang

      Please compete in the sprit of Olympic values: excellence, friendship and respect.

    • Meng Wang

      Michelle Angela Panyandee respect!

    • Meng Wang

      Please compete in the sprit of Olympic values: excellence, friendship and respect.

    • Yanjing Wang

      Meng Wang 放弃吧,我从昨晚就试图解释和澄清这些事实。这些人都是先入为主,或者根本不愿意承认中国人可以这么强。所以我放弃了。但金牌还是我们的这是事实。今天看了直播太兴奋了。

      • avatar
        C A M

        For the rest of you all on here: the above comment (in Chinese) for you all to see:

        “Give up, I tried to explain and clarify these facts last night. These people are preconceived or simply not willing to admit that the Chinese can be so strong. So I gave up. But the gold medal is still ours. I was so excited to watch the live broadcast today.”

        Nice bit of racist nationalism you got going on there Yanjing Wang! You helping the PLA put the Uighurs into concentration camps? Many Chinese are also extremely untrustworthy / shifty and many are ill-mannered (like the subject of this article). Also, nice work posting a comment in Chinese…did you know there is a thing called Google Translate, and unlike in Communist China, we have the freedom to look up your nasty comments so the rest of the world knows what you said?

        Deception and arrogance always work out poorly for those that habitually practice them.

      • avatar

        Obviously, he mentioned “Meng Wang”, then name, then posted the comments in Chinese, means they are talking privately, you silly boy.

        So silly to believe that PLA put own people to camp? Yes you’re so foolish maybe you want to go to London and meet some kind of trunk attack there, good luck!

    • 张美剑


    • Shi Lanche

      Yanjing Wang 哈哈,不在国内很久了吧,柠檬精已经流行很久了,没事多回来冲冲浪,国内沙雕网友搞笑得很啊

    • Anita Steins

      Sun is a cheater is more like it.

    • Shalvin Sharma

      Anita Steins if you have any solid proof send it to FINA and stop him… right now his a pissed off gold medal winner lol.. i think he refuses to respect those who dont respect him 🙂

    • Ed Burton

      I think he is getting aggressive due to the withdrawal of whatever concoction he is on.

      • avatar

        i think he refuses to respect those who dont respect him

    • Shalvin Sharma

      Ed Burton yes… right now he is “on” fire! Just letting the others know he has the gold and they shouldn’t be bad loosers who disrespect a champion because he beat them… for proof Scott wasn’t protesting till he got the silver behind Sun Yang lol

    • Ed Burton

      Of course he is on fire, because he is in denial that he is a cheat. He doesn’t deserve any respect at all. He will get his justice, either somebody will lay him out or in a few years time he will be over ridden with guilt and be found alone in a dirty motel room with a needle in his arm

    • Ryan Colby Kelley

      Shalvin Sharma you are a toss. They already have the proof. Has already tested positive not once but twice. Any more violations is a life time ban. That includes being late for testing or refusing testing like smashing your blood samples. Oh before you crap on that they accredited. There were 3 testers and two did not have there accreditation on them, but one did and it was an out of competition schedule test. Sun Yang Chinese Lance Armstrong

    • Shalvin Sharma

      Ryan Colby Kelley he is still his swimming and is allowed by FINA on what grounds? Twice found positive i believe you? And they have proof i believe that? They banned the Brazilian from this competition yet Sun Yang was found positive twice with proof and yet is still competing regardless?. All your facts dont add up. All That for anyone to go free would be impossible!

    • Ziyu Song

      Ryan Colby Kelley The proof you mentioned was Trimetazidine and it’s been definied as cardiac muscle function regulator by WADA itself since 2015 which means it’s literally legal medicine instead of dope. As for the destruction of his blood sample, the FINA acquitted him bcoz the the inspectors couldn’t provide their licenses. The judge will be held at September and that is the reason why Sun can compete right now. Btw I’m not express opinions, I’m telling the facts.

    • Jennifer Wang

      Anita Steins LoL don’t be jealous on Sun. How do u know sun has been using drugs? Do u have evidence to prove that? If u have send it to FINA. FINA has been investigating sun Yang since 2014. If he did take drugs why didn’t they ban him? So this proves that sun Yang did not take drugs. Horton and Scott speed are much faster than they recent performance. Can I say they’re the one who uses the drugs?

    • Ryan Colby Kelley

      Ziyu Song you not telling facts you are just can’t face the facts that Sun Yang The Chinese Lance Armstrong. There where 3 inspectors one did have his accreditation but this was only ask for after he refused to take the sample for over an hour which constitutes a drug breach which his 2nd breach and a life time band you loser. But hay if cheating how you win in life. Go right ahead and keep telling yourself you and Sun are winners. But unfortunately for the majority of people we only see you as cheating losers.

      • avatar

        a simple question for you, if you are an athlete, will you allow your blood sample taken by three inspectors when two of them are unqualified and unauthorized?

        be the way,how can you be sure you are the majority? you poor loser brainwashed by twisted western media

    • Jennifer Wang

      Ryan Colby Kelley ofc we will face the facts. This sounds like u are so familiar that what happened to Sun. I just wanna ask u, if Sun really does that so why FINA doesn’t ban him?? The judge will held on September that’s the fact, so let’s wait to September to let you shut up.

    • Ziyu Song

      Ryan Colby Kelley How could you gather the information that I insisted Sun is the winner and he wasn’t cheating from my sentences? I was just describing the process. Just like you said there was only 1 of 3 inspectors had authorization, how about the other 2? And who authorized you to representative the majority of human beings? Bummer man, u are nobody but yourself

    • Shalvin Sharma

      Ryan Colby Kelley Lets get this straight.. the one who received the gold medal is the winner, dosent matter what you or the majority think that’s how it is. Recognized and valid unlike opinions.. this man is under investigation yet he is allowed to compete and is not considered a DQ athlete or drug cheat by the governing bodies or CAS etc and they are not even pushing on it for him to be banned or DQ’d before the event started, hence its logical that the offence is not as serious as people are making it. Never be certain about allegations and investigations it can go either way. Till than the man is innocent untill its proven otherwise.

  2. Lei Xue

    Please compete in the sprit of Olympic values: excellence, friendship and respect.

  3. Patsy Patterson Martin

    You really are not a winner if your are doping. Your are just another cheater. Now we all now that cheaters often get away with it, but when it really matters you are a loser if you are drugging to win.

  4. Inga Narbutis

    Way to go Duncan Scott!!! FINA is the biggest crooks in the sport… they promote dirty swimmers…. Danas Rapsys was denied appeal (if you watch the start in slow motion he flinch right after the beep). Proud of everyone who protest cheaters. FINA shame on you !!!

    • Meng Wang

      Inga Narbutis shame on u too

    • Inga Narbutis

      Meng Wang are you against clean sport!!

      • avatar

        Of course we support clean sports. we’re against someone like you who is calling Sun cheat with no proof at all!

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        Allen Zhang

        Of course we support clean sports. we’re against someone like you who is calling Sun cheat with no proof at all!

    • Jim Kuan

      you got the fact better than FINA?

    • Bozjidar Bogdan

      Inga Narbutis clean evrybody is no the dopingso stfu,,,shame on you

  5. Dick Beaver

    Shelley Beaver. Looks like Sun is showing his true colors.

  6. Isabella Vegas von G

    Fina = shameful + corrupt/ Scoot, Horton and Lilly King fighters for FairPlay in Swimming. As easy as that.

  7. Jim Kuan

    FINA should ban Duncan and Horton

    • Alan Loya

      Jim Kuan and Sun too given the fact that he is not clean and he is a cheater

    • Jim Kuan

      Alan Loya No he is not. Some guys just dont want to see him winning

  8. Bronwyn Lees

    What an absolute disgrace! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ❌ FINA

  9. Evan She

    Duncan Scott, why don’t you just withdraw from the game if you think the game is unfair. You protest AFTER you lose. How pathetic!

    • Jason Swaim

      Evan She keep making excuses for drug cheaters.

    • avatar

      I’m pretty sure Duncan Scott would have refused to share a podium with Yang even if he’d beaten him.

      • avatar

        You can make any assumption you like. but the fact is Scott loses and Sun wins.

    • Evan She

      Gherghel Cristian you are right. Duncan did not cheat to lose.

    • Evan She

      Jason Swaim come on and wake up.

    • Kristine Murphy Grim

      Evan She klassy. ? And I think you mean the sport or the meet. Shows how little you know.

    • Ryan Colby Kelley

      Evan She lol ? the Sun yang is the biggest drug taker In world sport. Chinese Lance Armstrong. Say no to drugs in sports and the loser that support drugs in sports. Your logic Ben Johnson and Lance Armstrong are champions. You idiot

    • Evan She

      Kristine Murphy Grim I can type English you can’t type Chinese. It seems I know more than you for now.

    • Evan She

      Ryan Colby Kelley haha. You are changing the subject. My point is Duncan Scott or Scott Duncan lose to Sun Yáng. Why is so difficult for you guys to admit the defeat?

    • Ryan Colby Kelley

      Evan She sorry Carl Lewis lost to Ben Johnson but only because of drugs you stupid loser. Later and correctly he was awarded the gold medal. You are a joke if you think he is protesting because he lost.

    • Evan She

      Ryan Colby Kelley you are a joke by keep changing the subject. You coward just keep avoiding my point. Duncan Scott is a coward not dare to face defeat.

    • Evan She

      David Peterkin don’t pretend to be naive. You can accuse the whole world when you lose.

    • Alan Loya

      Evan She easy, because Yang is not clean. Why support a victory that is dirty?

    • 曹宇扬

      Evan She because he wants to prove he is a loser

    • Evan She

      Alan Loya I don’t support anyone who is not clean. But I hate and disrespect coward who make excuses for losing. For me, Duncan Scott is the coward today.

    • Mike Harrow

      Evan She totally agree. Whatever happened to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty? Sun did his time for a minor offence a couple of years ago and he has not been found guilty of any other drug offenses since. Therefore he should be given respect unless found guilty.

    • Mike Harrow

      There are currently 2 Australian swimmers being stood down for drug offences, I suggest Australians shouldn’t throw stones in glasshouses.

  10. Ryan Colby Kelley

    Well done Duncan Scott and Mack Horton. More need to protest against the new Chinese Lance Armstrong.

    • Evan She

      Ryan Colby Kelley you lose then you protest. And you will probably lose again.

    • Ryan Colby Kelley

      Evan She whatever. You keep telling yourself that Sun Yang is a winner. Chinese Lance Armstrong

    • Pamela Goldsbro

      Evan She you cheat and you get paid by your government. Just goes to show the values the Chinese hold.

    • Evan She

      Pamela Goldsbro you lose and then you make up story for excuses. If you don’t respect your opponent, why did not withdraw from the beginning? Don’t moan like a bitch, be a man.

    • Evan She

      Ryan Colby Kelley yes is Sun is a WINNER. He just got two gold medals. Duncan Scott got none. He lost the champion and lose the sportsmanship.

    • Ryan Colby Kelley

      Evan She yes Sun Yang is the world best drug taker. No one is better at it. He is Chinese Lance Armstrong.

    • Pamela Goldsbro

      Evan She … the best drug cheat in the world.How proud you must be?

    • Pamela Goldsbro

      Evan She … he stood by quietly while Sun Wanker made a show like a spoilt child.

  11. ElPana Jc

    I saw this live. It was crazy, I thought they were going to start a fight. Sun bragged about winning even though he is not the cleanest athlete.

    • Inga Narbutis

      ElPana Jc he forgot that he didn’t win!!! He didn’t win!

    • ElPana Jc

      Inga Narbutis true that! Because there was a swimmer dqied. You are absolutely right. Even worse his attitude.

  12. Ed Burton

    Bloke is on the smack ???

  13. Rachel Lee

    Mack Horton is not clean!!

    • Kylie Hunter

      Rachel Lee yes he is. Do you have proof to the contrary????!

      • avatar

        Do you have proof that Sun is not clean????!

    • Rich Davis

      Rachel Lee I don’t see Mack skipping or failing drug tests and suffering from roid rage!

  14. avatar

    Good for these athletes to stand up to the Chinese cheating. This has been going on way too long now. It’s time for China to be banned from the Olympic Games.

  15. Jessica Bauer

    Good. I hope the list of those standing up for what is right continues to grow.

  16. avatar

    Why do you think Sun is “not clean”? You found something from his urine for this event? And how “clean” is Duncan? Show me any evidence, please…

    • Alyss Lange

      David Peterkin Can you say “roid rage”

  17. Sanele Nxumalo

    They have no proof of alligations those testers wer not authorized to do so and they certainly had no right recording him while his was being tested I was gonna smash the sample too truth is Horton and Scott will never be as good as Sun yun he’s already top 3 best performers of all time at world championships get over it

    • Kylie Hunter

      Sanele Nxumalo once you are a registered athlete with the world anti doling organisation they can test you anywhere anytime. They don’t need to notify the athlete they are coming, instead the athlete needs to tell them where they will be at all times of the day.

    • Lorraine Muir

      Sanele Nxumalo true champions have nothing to hide. Think about that.

    • Sanele Nxumalo

      Kylie not that they ddnt nofity him they ddnt hv Authority or proof

    • Sanele Nxumalo

      Larraine it’s not about hiding something it’s about not giving ur blood to someone who claims to be authorized to test you but doesn’t have it in black and white could easy temper with his blood/pee sample

    • 曹宇扬

      Sanele Nxumalo I can not agree with you more

    • Lorraine Muir

      Sanele Nxumalo cop out.
      Took 4 hours to find a loop hole and then used it. His action and determination to not submit a test show he has something to hide

    • 胡彪彪

      Tricia Deans 一位真正的绅士不应该有这种不绅士行为。

    • You Whitneyo

      Tricia Deans he is just a loser. actually he should not get the medal

  18. avatar
    Martin Dunford

    Congrats To Scott and Horton . Swimming has been tainted by drugs for some time now and FINA stand by and watch.FINA has forgotten their swimmers and concentrate on money, sponsors and self gratification. It takes courage for athletes to take a public stand and invite the wrath of FINA and their associations. FINA WAKE UP AND REALIZE WHY ATHLETES HAVE TO TAKE THIS STAND, before you lose all your swimmers..

  19. avatar

    your report is full of prejudice. I mean you deliberately ignore some facts about Sun’s innocence and only pick some twisted facts and opinions that imply Sun is gulty. it’s another kind of fake news. shame on you!

  20. Charles Groscup

    Sportsmanship. What has happened to this value. Nobody enjoys unsportsmanlike conduct except bullies. Sport has no room for bullies. This is the persona displayed by Sun. He’s a great swimmer. He’s a piece of ______ as a representative of sport. Forget the doping, he should banned for attitude.

  21. avatar

    I just want to ask one question: if you are an athelete, will you allow testers who are not qulified and authorized to take your blood sample?

  22. Chad Nathaniel

    Sun Yan has a bunch of people now focused on him…and not on the task of swimming as fast as they can.

  23. Marie Kissinger

    USA Swimming’s rulebook allows for disqualifications for unsportsmanlike conduct 102.22.4, although written in a way that would allow for wide interpretation, it would seem Sun Yang’s shouting was unsportsmanlike. Does FINA not have a similar rule?

  24. avatar

    Sun said “You lose. I win”. He did not say “you loser, I am the winner”. I guess reporting something as it is is quite challenging for Mr. Lord.

  25. Brandon Ortiz

    This is ridiculous! Sun won fair and square on all his races! If you want to protest do it in the pool! Don’t disrespect other swimmers and especially ones country.

    • Rich Davis

      Brandon Ortiz Lance Armstrong & NFL fan are we Brandon?

    • Brandon Ortiz

      Rich Davis toxic sportsmanship fan are we?

    • Angela Van Wyk

      Talk about sportsmanship, take a look at Sun’s demeanor at the medal ceremony? I’m super disappointed in him. I used to actually be a fan

      • avatar
        Angela Van Wyk-bitch

        Your disappointment is not important, your thought is only a clown on the stage, so please do not think you are important, only a loser in your life

  26. 王律

    A winner is a winner. Why are you talking so much?

  27. Nancy Pulham

    He can’t hide it. It’s just a matter of time now. These clean athletes had better get an apology from FINA when all is said and done.

    • avatar
      Bradly Kanter

      Just shut up if you don’t have any proof.

  28. Michelle P Nicholos

    Keep standing for what’s right guys – you have many many people behind you!!!!!

    • avatar
      Peter Snow

      There are more people behind Sun

  29. Peter Land

    Well done Duncan Scott and Mack Horton. It is a shame these World Championships have to take place before Sun Yang’s hearing. All sports fans and the public are behind your dignified stand, thank you on behalf of clean athletes everywhere.

    • avatar
      Peter Snow

      Wake up bro, there are definitely more people behind Sun

    • Kerry Cao

      Why the fuck you say Sun Yang is not clean? Who are you?

    • Peter Land

      Xinyi Blake Zeng don’t be silly. All true dportspeople stand in support of clean sport, not potentially tainted medals. I’m not going to pre-judge anything but it would have been better if Sun Yang had been brought to account by now and them cleared to compete fairly, or thrown out so that the Championships could be seen to be fair.

      • avatar
        Peter Land-son of bitch

        I only saw that you are more silly than others, so please go back to your slumdog ok?

    • Colin Stuart Shimell

      Peter Land the ultimate answer would be for every swimmer to refuse to be in the same race as Sun Yang. Yes he’d win gold but it would mean absolutely nothing and Fina couldn’t suspend all of them

    • Mike Harrow

      Peter Land do you not support the presumption of innocent until proven guilty?

    • Peter Land

      Mike Harrow of course and that’s exactly what I said in my two comments, simply that it would have been better if it had been possible for the hearing to establish guilt or innocence to have been held before the Championships. In my second post I actually added “I’m not going to pre-judge anything” and you’re right, no-one should do that, but the current situation is unsatisfactory.

  30. Benson Zhu

    Let’s celebrate coward Horton’s failure. Please keep losing.

    • avatar

      Horton is definitely coward. why he took photos with Sun when he was champion in Rio and refuse to do so when he is the second?

    • Tom O

      Benson Zhu ??????= ????

      • avatar

        Tom O’Dea= nasty pig

    • Yanjing Wang

      Tom O’Dea u r disgusting piece of shit.

    • avatar

      That’s me, Kent. And though my last race was 43 years ago I have been proud to watch the racing and sportsmanship of my namesake over the last few years and especially this weekend.

  31. Kerry Cao

    FOR THOSE WHO CHEERS TO HORTON AND SCOTT, AND SAY SUN YANG IS NOT CLEAN. Does any of you can swear, if Sun Yang is actually clean you would like to die in a second immediately. DO YOU HAVE A PROOF? WHY THE FUCK YOU SAY HE IS NOT CLEAN? PLEASE RESPECT.

  32. Victor Smith

    Duncan Scott’s drama only makes him look like the racist sour loser Mack Horton.

    • avatar

      But Sun is not a cheater.

  33. Rich Davis

    Bringing the sport into disrepute!!! FINA is doing that all on their own and the athletes are the ones who pay the cost.
    Why is the IAAF the only organisation taking this seriously? Russian athletes are still banned after 4 years unless specifically cleared and China has a documented doping history to match.

  34. Vivian Yang

    Sun Yang did not take stimulants. It seems that the BBC is also unreliable. A country’s news organization has issued such unreliable news.

  35. Jocelyne Humbert O

    My own eyes watched high school swimmers drown out an official about to DQ a disabled swimmer. That official hand went down when he heard that pool roar and they were baby fish. Fina needs to support their athletes before those swimmers join forces make no mistake…they are a force.

  36. Tam Kells

    FINA you are bringing the Aquatics sport into disrepute not the clean swimmers!

  37. Junjie Wu

    good job! Sun Yang! You are the best!

  38. avatar
    Carol Winchester

    Mack Horton and Duncan Scott have behaved honourably and made their protest in a dignified way, in contrast to Sun Yang’s deeply nasty behaviour. Sun Yang is taking swimming down the illegal route that Russian and East European track and field athletes have done in the past and it’s shameful to watch. Horton and Scott clearly have the support of other swimmers competing in South Korea – FINA should listen to them.

  39. Andrea Walter Ballard

    I am sad that this behavior has come to swimming. I am sad that FINA is issuing warnings to those who are behaving “better” and not in question for their preparations for the meet. Good for those who are practicing good sportsmanship and calling for just practices.

  40. Shazza Sheppa

    I think I would have yelled at him “Drug cheat” back in his face?
    I am super proud of both Duncan’s and Mack’s morels. They say actions speak louder than words.

  41. Lesley Wilson

    Saw your interview for Bloomberg, Bill Faries, now I know someone famous!

  42. Graeme Fyfe

    Respect to Horton and Scott. It should be one strike and out for life.

  43. Chris Cacchione

    Sun shouldn’t be there – if he’s under investigation and he’s apparently refused official approaches he should be out – If FiNA manned up the swimmers wouldn’t have too !!!!

  44. David Duan

    The protest list will continue growing as Sun Yang keeps winning.

  45. Kylie Toomey

    Good on the swimmers protesting against this DRUG CHEAT Sun Yang, and shame on FINA for even letting him compete in the first place when he has a court case hanging over his head that could end his career.

  46. Nicky Sullivan

    Lori Antolick completely agree!!! It’s terrible with absolutely no flow to it.

  47. Xinwèi Hannibal

    Scott and Horton are and will be forever losers

  48. 张美剑


  49. Bryan Yan

    The white world seems jealous of China’s rise,no matter in sport or all industries

  50. Rainy Wong

    It’s so funny to see all the losers’ stupid words here haha congrats, Sun yang!

  51. avatar

    To people full of prejudice or cheated by fake news:
    Opinions are not facts , you can express as many opinions as you wish, but they are simply not facts.
    The facts at the current stage are simple and clear :
    First, the vile Sun’s security guard broke was deemed iilegal and was done without proper clearence that they had enquired about before they destroyed it.

    Second, two of the three testers are unqualified and unauthorized. a simple question to ask yourself: If you are an athelete, will you allow testers who are not qulified and authorized to take your blood sample? so nothing wrong on Sun Yang’s side.

    Last but not the least, Sun was banned from competition in 2014, but it was for only three months and for a proscribed substance, trimetazidine, that had been prescribed for angina, a heart condition. When Sun took the drug, it had been on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s list for less than five months, and today is no longer recognized as a stimulant by doping agencies. by the way, trimetazidine can easily be detected, no drug cheat will try it.

    FINA verdict is… The blood that was initially collected (and subsequently destroyed) was not collected with proper authorisation and thus was not properly a “sample” … as a result, the sample collection session initiated by IDTM on September, 4, 2018, is invalid and void.

    So basically Sun is clean and clear. Horton or Scott definitely has no right to judge Sun or treat him in such a rude way.

    Sun will have a public hearing in September. you can only judge him on his test result.
    If he is tested posotive, anyone, including Chinese , will not forgive him. if he’s not tested positive, all of you who’s calling him cheat now should apologize to him. It’s just that simple.

    But before the test result comes due, you should just shut up and pay some respect. Stop humiliating Sun or yourselves any more, just wait for the test result !

    • avatar

      Good Points!
      Fire on the white fat pigs!

  52. avatar

    I don’t believe anyone is jealous of “China’s rise” (whatever that means). I believe most people in this world want to see fair competition and unfortunately that’s not happening from China.

  53. Shi Lanche


  54. avatar

    If you have no evidence of Sun Yang’s violation, please don’t deny him here.
    Do you think Scott and Horton’s rude behavior is right in your eyes?
    Why can’t Sun Yang win the championship yet be respected by everyone and questioned by you?
    If I’m not a doctor and I suspect you have AIDS, will you give me blood for examination?
    If Sun Yang’s hearing in September proved that he did not use illegal drugs, would you guys who slandered him online wash their mouths with mops?

  55. avatar

    Please don’t be a follower. Your comments on the Internet will do great harm to Sun Yang’s reputation. Will you wait until the dust settles?

  56. Mike Harrow

    Does this mean that if Steve Smith, David Warner or Cameron Bancroft ever get on a podium they can expect be treated the same as Sun Yang?

  57. avatar
    Fleur LaMotte

    For Sun Yang, typical presumption of guilt.

    For others who come from the western world,presumption of innocence and drugs autoriation from WADA.