Zhao Ying, Wang Lizhuo, An Jiabao Named as 3 Chinese Swimmers to Fail Drug Tests

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Earlier today, the Chinese Anti-Doping Agency confirmed that six swimmers had tested positive within the past year.  This evening, the Chinese Swimming Association named three of those that tested positive last summer.

China stated that three swimmers tested positive for clenbuterol last summer, and those three swimmers are Zhao Ying, Wang Lizhuo and An Jiabao.  Zhao and Wang, who both swim for the Chinese Navy club, failed their tests back in August.  An, who swims in Tianjin, failed a test in September.

China was quick to explain that none of the three have been part of the Olympic Games or World Championships.  Each of the three asked for the B sample to be tested, and these samples tested positive as well.

All three applied for appeal hearings.  All three hearing were held on Dec. 22, 2015 and Jan. 13, 2016 according to the Chinese Swimming Association.  All made claims that the positive tests were due to contaminated food.

The Chinese Swimming Association has announced that those three cases are complete, and it will announce punishments as required.

Meanwhile, three other positive tests have occurred.  All three tested positive for Hydrochlorothiazide in January of 2016, and all three have applied for appeal hearings.  Since those hearings have not been held, and no final punishment has been decided, the CSA had decided to withhold naming who they are.

These three swimmers have been temporarily banned from national and international competitions until a final decision is made.

CHINADA deputy director Zhao Jian told Xinhua that CHINADA has been sharing all its data with WADA through ADAMS system and that the CSA has already reported the six cases to FINA.

“We did not cover up any facts,” Zhao said. “The reason for the CSA yet to make public the names and information of the three swimmers who were tested positive for Hydrochlorothiazide is that the cases are still under investigation.”

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    Strip them of all records, awards, and send them to Gitmo.

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    Fchump change. Bunch if gas veens, never eased and never will bes.
    Let’s see ’em go after some bug gushes like Sun Yang or the defending ZbigO’s champ,in women’s 400 IM. Home faster than Lochte on het final hundred @ London? Gimme a break. Too much moo shu pork!

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    FINA is about as effective, consistent, and feckless as the NCAA on rulings and penalties.