Youth Olympic Games: Andrii Govorov Smokes 50 Fly

SINGAPORE, August 18. UKRAINE's Andrii Govorov vaulted into the top five in the world in the men's 50 fly semifinals as the highlight swim of the day at the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore.

Men's 50 free
Ukraine's Andrii Govorov continued his strong meet with a winning time of 22.35 in the splash-and-dash, while Australia's Kenneth To took second in 22.82. Spain's Aitor Martinez (22.83) and China's He Jianbin (23.01) finished third and fourth.

Croatia's Ivan Levaj (23.11), Hong Kong's Ching Tat Lum (23.11), Germany's Kevin Leithold (23.42) and Venezuela's Cristian Quintero (23.70) comprised the rest of the finale.

Men's 200 breast
Italy's Flavio Bizzarri touched out Russia's Anton Lobanov, 2:13.31 to 2:13.65, for the win with Australia's Nicholas Schafer taking a close third in 2:13.72.

Germany's Christian Vom Lehn (2:16.03), Greece's Panagiotis Samilidis (2:17.36), Switzerland's Yannick Kaeser (2:17.78), Thailand's Nuttapong Ketin (2:17.93) and Finland's Matti Mattsson (2:18.47) finished fourth through eighth.

Women's 50 fly
China's Liu Lan cleared 27 seconds to capture the title in 26.97. Italy's Elena di Liddo took second in 27.06, while France's Anna Santamans placed third in 27.31.

Slovakia's Katarina Listopadova (27.38), Canada's Lindsay Delmar (27.54), Sweden's Lovisa Eriksson (27.55), Great Britain's Rachael Kelly (27.77) and Slovenia's Katja Hajdinjak (27.86) made up the rest of the championship field.

Men's 50 back
Trinidad and Tobago's Christian Homer pocketed the title in the sprint back with a 26.36, while Singapore's Rainer Kai Wee Ng touched second in 26.45. Kuwait's Abdullah Altuwaini and Australia's Max Ackermann tied for third with matching 26.46s.

Ukraine's Andrii Kovbasa (26.58), Portugal's Alexis Manacas da Silva Santos (26.86), Poland's Mateusz Wysoczynski (26.96) and Brazil's Pedro Antonio Costa (27.16) earned fifth through eighth.

Women's 100 breast
Canada's Tera van Beilen topped the event in 1:08.95, while Australia's Emily Selig picked up second in 1:09.06. Canada's Rachel Nicol finished third in 1:09.18, while Japan's Maya Hamano touched fourth in 1:10.18.

Greece's Maria Georgia Michalaka (1:10.41), Italy's Martina Carraro (1:10.95), Finland's Noora Laukkanen (1:11.39) and Lithuania's Urte Kazakeviciute (1:11.63) touched fifth through eighth.

Women's 200 free
China's Tang Yi captured the title in 1:58.78, while Hungary's Boglarka Kapas finished a distant second in 2:00.99. Australia's Emma McKeon completed the podium with a third-place 2:01.18.

USA's Kiera Janzen (2:02.01), Germany's Juliane Reinhold (2:02.83), New Zealand's Chloe Francis (2:03.18), USA's Jordan Mattern (2:03.28) and Switzerland's Danielle Villars (2:04.89) also swam in the finale.

Men's 400 medley relay
Australia's Max Ackermann, Nicholas Schafer, Kenneth To and Justin James won the relay for the night in 3:42.50, while France's Ganesh Pedurand, Thomas Rabeisen, Jordan Coelho and Medhy Metella took second in 3:43.83. Germany's Christian Diener, Christian Vom Lehn, Melvin Herrmann and Kevin Leithold placed third in 3:44.22.

China (3:44.51), Russia (3:44.65), South Africa (3:45.80), Hungary (3:47.27) and Italy (3:48.45) made up the rest of the championship heat.

Women's 50 back
France's Mathilde Cini paced semis with a 29.22, while Ukraine's Daryna Zevina took second in 29.51. Russia's Alexandra Papusha placed third in 29.55, while Sweden's Lovisa Eriksson touched fourth in 29.82.

Poland's Klaudia Nazieblo (29.91), Kazakhstan's Yekaterina Rudenko (30.09), Finland's Lotta Nevalainen (30.22) and Luxembourg's Sarah Rolko (30.35) comprised the rest of the championship heat.

Men's 50 fly
Ukraine's Andrii Govorov raced to a world-class time in the sprint fly semis with a 23.46 out of the second heat. That performance hopped him all the way up to a fourth-place tie in the rankings with Geoff Huegill.

Korea's Gyucheol Chang placed second in 24.63, while Trinidad and Tobago's Cadell Lyons finished third in 24.90. Germany's Kevin Leithold (24.92), Italy's Tommaso Romani (24.93), Brazil's Pedro Antonio Costa (25.02), China's Sun Bowei (25.12) and South Africa's Murray McDougall (25.24) earned the other transfer spots into the finale.