Yemen’s Mokhtar Al-Yamani No Longer Swimming in the Olympics

Photo Courtesy: Kalina DiMarco


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Yemen’s Mokhtar Al-Yamani has announced on Facebook that he will no longer be competing in the Rio Olympic Games. The University of Michigan swimmer cited a “miscommunication” between the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Yemen Sports Federation.

Al-Yamani thought he secured his Olympic spot at the 2016 Canadian Olympic Trials. The rising sophomore posted a 1:51.2 in the first 200 of the 400 freestyle in April.

He shared, “It is with great sadness that I write to inform that I, as of 3 days ago, will no longer be competing in this year’s Olympic Games in Rio.”


Photo Courtesy: Facebook

Al-Yamani had even already received his credential for Rio.


Photo Courtesy: Mohktar Al-Yamani Facebook

Despite the unexpected turn of events, Al-Yamani appears to be taking a positive outlook on the situation. He wrote, “I am so thankful for the Olympic discipline that I was able to be a part of during these last couple months. Training alongside some of the fastest swimmers I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting day in and day out, all whilst supporting each other has been an experience unlike any other.”

He is taking his experiences and turning his attention towards the upcoming college season. “As my close teammate and 2-time Olympian Connor Jaeger stated in an interview that made all Michigan Men and Women proud: ‘Michigan Men don’t quit.’ Forever Go Blue.” he said.


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    Joanne Newton

    So sorry to hear of the snafu but what a nice professional letter accepting the outcome!

  2. avatar
    Stephen Marcus

    yes that is a true meaning of sport notice..

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    Bill Bell

    Terrible to be so let down but good luck in your future career and hopefully you can bring greater understanding and cooperation between your homeland and the USA through your swimming.

    Go Blue!

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    Dr. Buky Chass

    What is the nature of the misscommunications talked about above? Anyone……

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    Bill Bell

    Maybe Yenen like Kuwait has been suspended by IOC or maybe Yemen Olympic Committee/ Federation for some reason didn’t recognize his time.
    I know I saw an Iraq swimmrt’s name on the FINA list and the Syrian breast stroker who’s been training @ USC last several years and who went a pr/ NR 1:01.38 @ Santa Clara early last month is entered.
    For that matter wasn’t the Isreali men’s 400 FR entered and then told in effect whoops! We ( FINA) erred and you’re not in after All?

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    Benjamin Wei

    Justin Wu Jason Weng he swam in our invitational swim meet before

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    Go Blue!