World Records May Fall (in Fins) at Unique Michigan Water Carnival

ANN ARBOR, Michigan, October 3. THIS Saturday, October 6, Swimming World in partnership with SwimUtopia will be streaming the first ever Michigan Water Carnival. The event will be held at noon at the University of Michigan's Canham Natatorium. All are welcome to attend, and admission is free.

“The Michigan Water Carnival will be unlike any other swim meet that has been put on before,” Michigan head coach Mike Bottom said. “We want swimming and diving to be a spectator-friendly sport, not just something that's watched every four years. This event will allow us to show off our speed, power and athleticism in a totally different and unique way.”

The University of Michigan, University of Minnesota and Oakland University teams will compete in 13 unique events.

Some events to watch out for are:

– 4×75-yard medley relay
– 50-yard underwater dolphin kick
– 'Fin' events, where swimmers attempt to break NCAA and world records
– 3-on-3 water polo
– Appearance by the University of Michigan dance team
– Diving show
– University of Michigan pep band and singing group

The Michigan men's and women's team will be signing autographs at the conclusion of the meet. Even if you can't attend the actual event, we encourage you to watch the live stream of this creative and fun event, and share with us your feedback and reactions! To view the live stream, check out Swimming World's event landing page.

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