World Cup, Sydney: Day Two Prelims Complete

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SYDNEY, Australia, October 25. THE final preliminary session of the FINA World Cup stop in Sydney, Australia came to a close.

Men's 1500 freestyle slower seeds
Australia's Shane Asbury (15:31.50) led the slower seeds, while compatriot Jarrod Killey (15:31.66) took second. New Zealand's Dylan Dunlop-Barrett (15:44.22) completed the heat.

Women's 100 freestyle
Australia's Cate Campbell continued a strong meet with a top time of 54.36 for lane four, while compatriot Sally Foster placed second in 54.61. Sweden's Claire Hedenskog (54.99), Australia's Marieke Guehrer (55.24) and Sweden's Sarah Sjostrom (55.34) touched third through fifth.

Australia's Merindah Dingjan (55.44), Jessica Ash (55.47) and Rebecca Ohlwein (55.78) rounded out the top eight.

Men's 200 freestyle
New Zealand's Michael Jack earned the top seed in the 200 free with a time of 1:46.30. Australia's Nicholas Ffrost (1:47.64), Cameron Smith (1:48.17) and Kyle Richardson (1:48.34) took second through fourth.

Ous Mellouli of Tunisia put himself in position for another title with a fifth-place 1:48.35, while Australia's Ryan Napolean (1:48.55), Germany's Lucien Hassdenteufel (1:48.70) and Australia's Tommaso D'Orsogna (1:48.79) made up the rest of the finale.

Women's 50 breaststroke
Australia's Jade Edmistone (31.06), Sally Foster (31.85), Kristy Morrison (31.85) and Sarah Katsoulis (31.86) touched first through fourth in the sprint breast.

Sweden's Joline Hostman (32.08), Australia's Samantha Marshall (32.33) and Erin Malone (32.68) as well as Russia's Svetlana Karpeeva (32.80) grabbed the final transfer spots.

Men's 100 breaststroke
New Zealand's Glenn Snyders topped qualifying with a time of 1:01.90, while Australia's Craig Calder (1:02.39) and Kenneth To (1:02.52) touched second and third.

Russia's Artem Babikhen hit the wall fourth in 1:02.76, while Australia's Christian Sprenger (1:02.82) and South Africa's William Diering (1:03.21) placed fifth and sixth. Australia's Brenton Rickard (1:03.25) and New Zealand's John Gatfield (1:03.46) earned the final two transfer spots.

Men's 100 butterfly
Newly-minted world-record holder Matt Jaukovic paced prelims in the 100 fly with a time of 51.83. Compatriots Garth Kates (51.89), Mitchell Patterson (52.63), Chris Wright (52.83) and Lachlan Staples (52.93) rounded out the top five.

New Zealand's Corney Swanepoel (53.16), Australia's Jayden Hadler (53.35) and Nick D'Arcy (53.50) also made finals.

Women's 100 backstroke
Canada's Katy Murdoch took a run at the Canadian record with a first-place 59.55. Marylyn Chiang owns the Canadian record with a 59.33 set in 2000.

Australia's Sophie Edington (1:00.21), Stephanie Williams (1:00.41), Emily Seebohm (1:00.44) and Belinda Hocking (1:00.70) touched second through fifth, while Brazil's Fabiola Molina took sixth in 1:00.83.

Australia's Bridgette-Rose Taylor (1:00.93) and Amy Cockerton (1:01.52) rounded out the top eight.

Men's 50 backstroke
Russia's Stanislav Donets cruised into the top seed with a time of 24.24, while Australia's Daniel Arnamnart took second in 24.99.

Australians made up the rest of the top six with Grant Brits (25.00), Robert Hurley (25.13), Ashley Delaney (25.41) and Mitchell Dixon (25.76) taking third through sixth.

Meanwhile, New Zealand's Daniel Bell placed seventh in 26.07, while Australia's Ryan Nolan finished eighth in 26.18.

Men's 200 IM
New Zealand's John Gatfield made another final with a top time of 2:00.43 in the 200 IM. Brazil's Tales Cerdeira finished second in 2:00.84, while Australia's Leith Brodie took third in 2:01.13.

Tunisia's Ous Mellouli grabbed another final spot with a time of 2:01.34, while Australia's Stephen Parkes (2:01.41), Brad Lewis (2:01.77), Sam Ashby (2:02.35) and Nick Cordner (2:02.89) took the rest off the finals spots.

Women's 400 freestyle
Young Australian Ellen Fullerton eased through prelims with a top time of 4:10.87, while South Africa's Melissa Corfe placed second in 4:13.34. New Zealand's Melissa Ingram took third in 4:13.93.

Australia's Bronte Barratt (4:14.52), Russia's Kira Volodina (4:14.69), Australia's Erin Killey (4:17.67), Great Britain's Ellen Gandy (4:17.99) and New Zealand's Joyce Wiegersma (4:18.42) made up the rest of the championship field.

Men's 50 freestyle
Sweden's Stefan Nystrand claimed the top seed in 22.02, while Brazil's Bruno Fratus finished second in 22.12.

Australians earned the rest of the qualifying spots with Mitchell Patterson (22.19), Matthew Abood (22.28), Grant Brits (22.36), Kyle Richardson (22.39), David Trouville (22.45) and Tom Miller (22.49) touching third through eighth.

Women's 200 breaststroke
Australia's Sarah Katsoulis (2:28.19) and Ashley Gierke (2:31.34) took first and second, while New Zealand's Natalie Wiegersma (2:31.45) and Anneke Jenkins (2:31.60) placed third and fourth.

Sweden's Joline Hostman (2:31.77) took fifth, while South Africa's Kathryn Meaklim (2:33.17), Russia's Svetlana Karpeeva (2:33.40) and Australia's Samantha Marshall (2:33.45) comprised the rest of the top eight.

Women's 100 IM
Australia claimed the top six seeds in finals in the sprint medley. Alicia Coutts (1:02.42), Ellen Fullerton (1:02.47), Emily Seebohm (1:02.99), Bronte Barratt (1:03.17), Kristy Morrison (1:03.47) and Chelsea Carpenter (1:03.59) touched first through sixth.

Brazil's Fabiola Molina (1:03.65) and Australia's Kacey Pilgrim (1:04.20) earned the final two transfer spots.

Men's 200 backstroke
Australia's Robert Hurley (1:59.03) and Russia's Stanislav Donets (1:59.33) cleared two minutes for the top two seeds, while Australia's Daniel Arnamnart (2:00.42) and Germany's Dimitri Colupaev (2:01.22) claimed third and fourth.

Australia's Brad Lewis (2:01.66), Germany's Lucien Hassdenteufel (2:02.43), Australia's Ashley Delaney (2:02.56) and Mitchell Dixon (2:05.57) were the rest of the top eight.

Women's 50 butterfly
Sweden's Sarah Sjostrom pocketed the top seed in 26.81, while Brazil's Daynara De Paula (27.42) and Australia's Emily Seebohm (27.44) took second and third.

Marieke Guehrer (27.53), Nadine Jones (27.71), Yolane Kukla (27.95) and Alice Mills (28.31) of Australia touched fourth through seventh.

Australia's Jo-Lene Dendle and Kacey Pilgrim posted matching 28.40s to set up a swimoff.

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