World Cup, Moscow: Day Two Prelims Complete

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MOSCOW, Russia, November 9. AFTER an initial day of swimming that featured a world record by South Africa's Cameron van der Burgh, preliminary action is concluded in the second day of swimming at the Moscow stop of the FINA World Cup.

Men's 1500 freestyle slower seeds
Russia's Pavel Medvezkiy topped the first heat with a time of 15:30.47, while Alexey Egorov (15:32.73), Anton Dobrzhanskiy (16:20.98) and Roman Evgrafov (16:24.49) made up the rest of the heat.

Women's 100 freestyle
Russia's Anastasia Aksenova claimed the top seed of the 100 free with a time of 54.87, while Sweden's Josefin Lillhage placed second in 55.18. Japan's Haruka Ueda touched third in 55.50, while Australia's Alice Mills took fourth in 55.65.

Australia's Sally Foster finished fifth in 55.67, while Russia's Natalia Shalagina (56.32), Australia's Marieke Guehrer (56.41) and Russia's Elena Rimskaya (56.51) rounded out the championship finale.

Men's 200 freestyle
Russia's Alexander Sukhorukov paced prelims with a time of 1:45.51, while Australia's Nicholas Ffrost (1:45.60), Tunisia's Ous Mellouli (1:45.72) and South Africa's Darian Townsend (1:45.76) took the top four spots.

Russia's Mikhail Polishchuk (1:45.93), Russia's Danila Izotov (1:46.36), Russia's Boris Timatkov (1:46.49) and Russia's Sergey Perunin (1:47.08) made up the rest of the top eight.

Women's 50 breaststroke
Russia's Valentina Artemyeva ticked off a time of 30.73 for the top seed, while Australia's Sarah Katsoulis (31.54), South Africa's Suzaan van Biljon (31.88) and Australia's Sally Foster (31.95) touched second through fourth.

Russia's Vitalina Simonova (32.35), Anna Kuzmicheva (32.45), Diana Morozova (32.51) and Brazil's Tatiane Sakemi (32.73) rounded out the finale.

Men's 100 breaststroke
Fresh off setting the world record in the 50 breast, South Africa's Cameron van der Burgh led qualifying in the 100 with a 59.10. Ukraine's Igor Borysik finished second in 59.48, while Australia's Christian Sprenger (59.60) and Russia's Sergey Geybel (59.72) placed third and fourth.

Russia's Stanislav Lakhtyukov (1:00.09), Japan's Kazuki Otsuka (1:00.36), Japan's Ryo Tateishi (1:00.53) and Russia's Denis Krivasheev (1:00.72) pocketed the rest of the transfer spots.

Women's 400 IM slower seeds
Russia's Irina Nazarova posted the fastest time of the slower seeds with a 4:54.45. Russia's Vitalya Korotkikh (4:56.05), Chile's Kristel Kobrich (4:57.85), Russia's Ekaterina Ivanova (4:59.66) and Russia's Lyubov Kechkina (5:09.62) completed the heat.

Men's 100 butterfly
Australia's Matt Jaukovic touched first in 51.45, while Russia's Nikolay Skvortsov finished second in 51.68. Japan's Kohei Kawamoto (52.79) and Russia's Evgeny Korotyshkin (52.90) placed third and fourth.

Russia's Maxim Ganikhin (53.32), Australia's Chris Wright (53.38), Russia's Alexander Kaluzhskiy (53.60) and Belarus' Yauheni Lazuka (53.77) also made finals.

Women's 100 backstroke
Russia's Maria Nikitina picked up the top seed in 1:00.79, while Japan's Tomoya Fukuda (1:00.95), Russia's Anastasia Zueva (1:00.95) and Russia's Kseniya Moskvina (1:00.96) all earned middle lanes.

Brazil's Fabiola Molina (1:00.96), Brazil's Fernanda Alvarenga (1:01.01), New Zealand's Melissa Ingram (1:01.18) and Russia's Svetlana Shalagina (1:02.27) were also among the top eight.

Men's 50 backstroke
Australia's Robert Hurley led the field with a time of 24.39, while compatriot Ashley Delaney took second in 24.51.

Russia's Stanislav Donets (24.70), Sergey Makov (24.97), Anton Butymov (25.09), Evgeny Aleshin (25.11), Vitaly Borisov (25.16) and Rustam Rybin (25.20) completed the finale.

Women's 200 butterfly
Australia's Amy Smith cruised in the 200 fly with a time of 2:08.84, while Russia's Veronika Popova (2:13.82), South Africa's Mandy Loots (2:14.63) and Russia's Maria Ugolkova (2:15.12) turned in second through fourth-place times.

Russia's Anna Kiseleva (2:15.63), Russia's Dariya Kostovarova (2:16.38), Russia's Anna Polyakova (2:18.04) and Russia's Elena Shamaeva (2:18.34) finished fifth through eighth.

Men's 200 IM
South Africa's Darian Townsend led prelims with a time of 2:00.49, while Japan's Kazuki Otsuka took second in 2:00.87. Russia's Alexander Tikhonov (2:01.17), Ilya Volovnik (2:01.28) and Dmitry Kalenov (2:01.74) were among the top five.

Lithuania's Vytautas Janusaitis (2:01.82), Tunisia's Ous Mellouli (2:02.32) and Russia's Andrey Krylov (2:02.39) completed the top eight.

Women's 400 freestyle
Russia's Elena Sokolova topped the field in the middle distance event with a time of 4:09.76, while New Zealand's Melissa Ingram (4:12.08), Chile's Kristel Kobrich (4:13.02) and Russia's Daria Belyakina (4:15.33) comprised the top four.

Russia's Kira Volodina (4:15.59), Elena Shapovalova (4:17.24), Antonina Faustova (4:19.97) and Evgeniya Babakova (4:21.15) rounded out the finale.

Men's 50 freestyle
Russia's Sergey Fesikov and Sweden's Stefan Nystrand posted matching 21.87s for the top seed in the splash-and-dash. Sweden's Petter Stymne finished third in 21.92, while South Africa's Lyndon Ferns placed fourth in 22.04.

Russia's Evgeny Lagunov (22.10), Andrej Grechin (22.27) and Nikita Konovalov (22.40) placed fifth through seventh, while Estonia's Vladimir Sidorkin touched eighth in 22.58.

Women's 200 breaststroke
Russians dominated the top four as Olga Detenyuk (2:25.11), Anastasia Chaun (2:27.25), Valentina Artemyeva (2:28.15) and Ekaterina Baklakova (2:29.12) went 1-2-3-4.

Australia's Sally Foster (2:29.59) and Sarah Katsoulis (2:30.10) placed fifth and sixth, while Russia's Anna Kuzmicheva (2:30.13) and Vitalina Simonova (2:30.16) grabbed the rest of the transfer spots.

Women's 100 IM
Russia's Olga Klyuchnikova (1:01.73) and Svetlana Karpeeva (1:02.40) went 1-2, while Japan's Tomoya Fukuda (1:02.73) and Russia's Viktoriya Andreeva (1:03.04) placed third and fourth.

Russia's Alexandra Musienko (1:03.16), South Africa's Mandy Loots (1:03.82), Brazil's Fabiola Molina (1:03.99) and Russia's Polina Kiseleva (1:04.00) rounded out the sprint medley final.

Men's 200 backstroke
Russia's Alexander Tarabrin earned the top seed in 1:54.64, while Japan's Ryosuke Irie (1:54.96) and Australia's Robert Hurley (1:55.44) were second and third.

Russia's Stanislav Donets (1:55.54), Australia's Ashley Delaney (1:56.09), Russia's Evgeny Aleshin (1:56.45), Russia's Pavel Komarov (1:57.07) and Russia's Artem Dubovskoy (1:57.17) touched fourth through eighth.

Women's 50 butterfly
Sweden's Therese Alshammar pace prelims with a time of 26.77, while Australia's Marieke Guehrer (26.95), Russia's Olga Klyuchnikova (26.97) and Singapore's Li Tao (26.99) completed the top four.

Russia's Irina Bespalova (27.25), Belarus' Iryna Niafedava (27.26), Russia's Anastasia Ljazeva (27.56) and Russia's Yulia Mantseva (27.84) rounded out the rest of the championship finale.

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