Wickham’s Daughter Loses Battle With Cancer; Realizes Wish Before Passing

BRISBANE, Australia, October 4. THE 19-year-old daughter of Australian legend Tracey Wickham passed away Tuesday after a battle with cancer. But, before Hannah Wickham succumbed to her disease, she realized the dream of marriage. Just three hours before her death, Hannah was married to Tom O'Driscoll, whom she met while in the hospital, according the The Australian.

Tracey Wickham indicated that several family members and friends were present for the ceremony, which was originally scheduled for more than a week later. But, when it became clear that Hannah was rapidly losing her fight with cancer, the wedding was moved up and conducted in her hospital room.

"That was her dying wish," Tracey Wickham told the newspaper. "There were about 20 people there, family, close friends and a couple of her nurses. It was a beautiful ceremony. And then she was gone."

Tracey Wickham is one of history's greatest distance swimmers, having once held the world record in the 400, 800 and 1500 freestyles. A former world champion, Wickham is a member of the World Swimming Hall of Fame and held the Aussie record in the 400 freestyle from 1978 until earlier this year, when Bronte Barratt lowered the mark.