Washington Township Swim Club Unable to Practice in Home Pool

Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

One of the top clubs in central Indiana, Washington Township Swim Club (WTSC) on the north side of Indianapolis, says it is fighting for survival after being banned from the pool that its members helped pay for, according to a story from David Woods at the Indy Star.

Jennifer Buddenbaum, business manager for the club, said the Washington Township school board has not made it clear why this club is not allowed to use the pool, but the board president told the Star that the situation is being re-evaluated.

The club, which is coached by Joshua Saylor, submitted a return-to-pool plan to the board on August 28. But at a September 9 meeting, swimming was not on the agenda but other sports had been able to return to practice.

“It’s still a topic of discussion,” school board president William Turner said. “We just haven’t put it on the board agenda yet.”

Washington Township Swim Club has been utilizing time at nearby Lawrence Central High School, Riviera Swim Club, and various country clubs in the area, while every other club in the Indianapolis metropolitan area is back in their home pool. The school is limiting only teams and athletes from Washington Township schools to use the facilities. According to the Indy Star, 90% of WTSC swimmers are in the district.

High school practices in Indiana are set to start on October 26 for girls and November 9 for boys.

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    Beth P.

    It is time for the club to go after and sue the BOE for Washington Twp…..those swimmers/families pay taxes for the use of those facilities! Why deny swimming when the other sports are in full swing?!?!!

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