(Video Interview) Olivia Smoliga on Wardrobe Mishap and Senior Year

olivia-smoliga-golden-goggles-red-carpet (1)
Photo Courtesy: Swimming World TV

Olivia Smoliga swam on her first long course senior national squad this summer, and it took her to Brazil for the Olympic Games. In Rio, Smoliga finished sixth in the 100 back and won gold as a prelims swimmer on the 400 medley relay. Now, she’s back in Athens as a senior at Georgia, where she will defend her NCAA titles from last year in both the 50 and 100 free.

Monday night at Golden Goggles, Smoliga spoke about how she ended up wearing a black pantsuit to Golden Goggles—not the original plan—and also discussed what it’s like to be back at Georgia as one of the team leaders.