VIDEO: Catherine Vogt Discusses Road to Open Water Success for Haley Anderson and Ous Mellouli – Part 1

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana, September 18. SWIMMING World attended the American Swim Coaches Association’s world clinic earlier this month, where some of the best coaches in the world gathered to get tips from their peers.

We will be bringing you video of some of the speeches we filmed in New Orleans in the coming days, and we start with the first of three parts of a talk Catherine Vogt did on training world champions Haley Anderson and Ous Mellouli.

In this 15-minute video below, Vogt talks about her background in open water swimming, and how Chip Peterson sparked her desire to be a top open water coach. It also fueled a goal to prove that swimmers could be great in the pool and open water, as Anderson and Mellouli have proven in the past two years.

Vogt details the road that Mellouli and Anderson took in 2012 to become a part of the open water racing community, including the trial meet in Mexico and the Olympic qualifier in Portugal.

Be sure to return tomorrow for part two of Vogt’s speech from the ASCA clinic!

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