Video: Bruce Gemmell Discusses Preparing Katie Ledecky for World Champs – Part 1

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana, September 23. SWIMMING World continues its series of videos from talks featuring renowned coaches from the American Swim Coaches Association’s world clinic earlier this month.

Today, we are proud to bring you the first of four parts of Bruce Gemmell’s discussion of the methods he used to prepare Katie Ledecky to have a successful world championships, including setting two world records and winning four gold medals.

In this 13-minute video, Gemmell talks mostly about what makes Ledecky such a good swimmer, and also highlights her disadvantages. The attributes he points out includes a great group of athletes to train with at Nation’s Capital Swim Club, a strong support group at home and a fiercely competitive attitude.

Tomorrow’s video: Sample training sets on the road to Barcelona.