Video: Bob Groseth, Don Swartz and Penny Taylor Inducted into ASCA Hall of Fame

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana, October 2. THE Hall of Fame inductions at the American Swim Coaches Association’s world clinic are always a highlight of the annual banquet that honors the best in swim coaching in the United States. This year was no different, as three of the best in the sport were honored with a place in the revered ASCA Hall of Fame.

Below is exclusive video of those Hall of Fame speeches. First is Bob Groseth, former head coach at Northwestern University:

Rick DeMont developed into a champion swimmer under Don Swartz’s watch in northern California, and he introduces his former coach with the help of his brother Ken:

Part one of Don Swartz’s speech:

Part two:

With Tom Jager unable to introduce his former age-group coach, Mark Schubert stepped in to welcome Penny Taylor to the ASCA Hall of Fame.

Penny Taylor’s acceptance speech:

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