USA Synchro Foundation Grant Application Deadline is July 31

Photo Courtesy: USA Synchro

The United States Synchronized Swimming Foundation mission is to fund the future of synchronized swimming! With that in mind, we are pleased to be able to be able to award grants to support, sustain and grow the sport of synchronized swimming. Last year, 43 teams received an average grant of $750.

This grant cycle is for programs that run between September 1, 2019, and July 31, 2020.  Grants awarded will be announced at the 2019 United States Aquatic Sports Convention, in St. Louis, Missouri, in September, 2019.

Synchro clubs and programs ready to make a splash can click here to complete your online application. But don’t delay! The application deadline is July 31!

This year we have an online application process. You can begin your application, save it, come back to it later, finish it, upload any supporting materials and preview before you hit “submit”.

We created a detailed FAQ page to help you navigate the process and answer basic questions. Go to our Online Grant Application Frequently Asked Questions. If your question is not answered there, we’re just an email away: contact Karen Rosolowski at

A couple of tips:

TIP 1: Start today. Don’t wait until July 31 to start the process. You have the ability to save and return. Which brings us to …

TIP 2: Save, save and save again. Save your application & save the URL link the application give you! That URL is yours and links to your application so you can make changes, edits and additions.

TIP 3: PREVIEW your submission then SUBMIT it.

TIP 4: You will know that your application was received because you will get an email confirmation. If you do not get an email confirmation, reach out to Karen Rosolowski at

What can USSSF Grants Fund?

The Foundation is looking for programs that will grow and sustain synchronized swimming in the US, and impact the sport in a measurable way.

Programs, such as the ones below, have received funding in the past:

  • Training for Coaches–Certified Coaching Program and Coaches College
  • Marketing programs tor clubs
  • “Learn to Swim/Intro to Synchro” programs
  • Regional all-star training teams
  • Judges training
  • Matching grants for collegiate programs
  • USA Synchro’s Rising Stars program
  • USA Synchro’s Olympic Development Camp
  • What programs do you have that need funding to help synchronized swimming grow?

If you need more information, please email Karen Rosolowski, Synchro Foundation President at

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