USA Swimming Adds Athlete Protection Training Requirement for Adult Athletes

Photo Courtesy: Cathleen Pruden

USA Swimming will require all adult athletes to complete the organization’s new Athlete Protection Training. This is a separate training from USA Swimming’s new new Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP).

According to a document put out by USA Swimming this training is required for all members 18-years or older annually starting June 23, 2019:

“Successful completion the training, on an annual basis, is now a membership requirement of adult athletes, and failure to complete it will result in an athlete’s inability to swim in a meet or at practice.”

The training is a free, online program offered through the US Center for SafeSport. The rule goes into effect on June 23, although there will be a 30-day grace period initially for the new requirement. According to USA Swimming, failure to complete the training will “result in an athlete’s inability to swim in a meet or at practice.”

That means that any results from a meet, including Olympic Trials, US Nationals, or Junior Nationals cuts, could be invalidated if an athlete has not completed the training. Athletes who are currently 17-years-old must complete this training before their 18th birthday or risk ineligibility.

The Athlete Protection Training includes three courses: 1P sexual misconduct awareness education, 2) mandatory reporting, and 3) emotional and physical misconduct. You can find the full instructions for the completion for the Athlete Protection Training here.

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