USA, Australia Dual Meet Set for April 6, 2003

By Phillip Whitten

PHOENIX, April 15. THEY'RE bringing back the Olden Days!

Back in the 1970s, the dual meets between the world's two greatest swimming superpowers — the USA and East Germany — were great sports spectacles, drawing packed stands and national television coverage. (It was only later that we learned that East Germany attained its superpower status with the help of some good ol' German know-how, in chemical form.)

These days, there still are two swimming superpowers: the USA and Australia. And, according to several members of the USA National Team, Dennis Pursley, USA Swimming's National Team Director, has announced that the two nations will be meeting in head-to-head, dual-meet competition next year.

The meet is scheduled to take place Sunday, April 6
in Indianapolis.

Australia reportedly has committed to bringing its best team.

This is a great idea whose time has come…again.

Congratulations to Dale Neuburger, Chuck Wielgus, Dennis Pursley and their Aussie counterparts for creating what should be a world-class event.