US Open: Katie Ledecky to Face Summer McIntosh In Latest Duel (Pre-Scratch Psych Sheets)

Photo Courtesy: Peter H. Bick

The pre-scratch psych sheet for the 2022 Toyota US Open Championships has been released and several big names will be in action.

Katie Ledecky will go head-to-head with Canada’s teen sensation Summer McIntosh in the 400 freestyle. Meanwhile, U.S. stars Regan Smith, Chase Kalisz, Leah Hayes, Abbey Weitzeil, Gabi Albiero, Zach Harting, Katharine Berkoff, Beata Nelson, Charlotte Hook, Emma Weyant, David Curtiss, Hunter Armstrong, Justin Ress, Jake Mitchell and Coleman Stewart will compete, along with international stars, which include Canada’s Joshua Liendo,  Brazil’s Guilherme Costa and Ireland’s Mona McSharry.

The US Open begins Wednesday at the Greensboro Aquatic Center in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Full psych sheet

With several big names competing, there will be several elite swimmers who have top seed scoring into the meet. Here is a look at the top seeds in each event at the US Open.

Women’s 800 Free: Katie Ledecky, 8:08.04

Men’s 800 Free: Guilherme Costa, 7:45.48

Women’s 400 Free: Katie Ledecky, 3:58.15

Men’s 800 Free: Guilherme Costa, 3:43.41

Women’s 200 IM: Leah Hayes, 2:08.81

Men’s 200 IM: Chase Kalisz, 1:55.68

Women’s 50 Free: Abbey Weitzeil, 24.73

Men’s 50 Free: Joshua Liendo, 21.61

US Open Women’s 400 IM: Summer McIntosh, 4:29.01

Men’s 400 IM: Chase Kalisz, 4:07.46

Women’s 100 Butterfly: Gabi Albiero, 57.82

Men’s 100 Butterfly: Joshua Liendo, 50.88

Women’s 200 Free: Katie Ledecky, 1:54.50

Men’s 200 Free: Jake Mitchell, 1:46.90

Women’s 100 Breaststroke: Mona McSharry, 1:06.44

Men’s 100 Breaststroke: Darragh Greene, 59.76

Women’s 100 Backstroke: Regan Smith, 57.65

Men’s 100 Backstroke: Hunter Armstrong, 52.14

US Open Women’s 1500 Free: Katie Ledecky, 15:30.15

Men’s 1500 Free: Guilherme Costa, 14:48.43

Women’s 200 Backstroke: Regan Smith, 2:05.65

Men’s 200 Backstroke: Jack Aikins, 1:56.29

Women’s 100 Free: Abbey Weitzeil, 54.01

Men’s 100 Free: Joshua Liendo, 47.55

Women’s 200 Breaststroke: Mona McSharry, 2:25.24

Men’s 200 Breaststroke: AJ Pouch, 2:09.07

Women’s 200 Butterfly: Regan Smith, 2:06.79

Men’s 200 Butterfly: Leonardo de Deus, 1:54.80