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(The following is the latest in an ongoing series of updates on the recovery of Coach of the Century George Haines, who suffered a stroke last July. The updates are written by his daughter, Kerry Haines Derr.)

December 4, 2001

Season's Greetings,

It is time for the monthly update! There is not a great deal to tell you about, so don't worry about the length of this update. I am hiding nothing. I expect it to be short by the time I finish writing!! Let's see if I can meet my expectations now!

There really is very little change in Dad's condition to report. It appears he has reached a plateau. He still cannot read, write or speak and moves around by wheelchair. His mind is alert but his attention span is fairly short. His mental condition is my concern at this point. He is one sad puppy!!! It appears he realizes that he has reached this plateau and his
recovery will probably never be to the degree he wants.

We "talked" last week about the things he is sad about: no golfing, no swimming, staying in the residence, missing his home… The family reassures him daily but it is up to him now. This is a very difficult situation.

Dad has been on several excursions. He spent Thanksgiving with the local family at my sister Paula's place. All the local grandkids were there
along with his great grandson, Trent. He had lots of love, pats and noise too. The food was great, thanks to sister Jody.

Mom has taken him to look at new vehicles… just checking out some that may accommodate his wheelchair better. He has visited the lookout at Folsom Dam and gone to see the decorations at the local mall. Just in case you are feeling sad about the contents of this note, when Mom tried to veer off into Sears, he was very adamant that he was not going shopping!!! Some things never change. No shopping!!

Many thanks to all the visitors. You all have done a great job. You have provided him opportunity to remember special moments and people, and you have taken the routine out of his day. You have brought great pictures to share and he makes sure to show them to me when I see him at the end of my work day. His bulletin board is full; it's time I got him another one!

In this day and age, we are all very busy and the fact that you have included Dad on your agenda is very much appreciated by the family.

The Haines children are very blessed this year. We have a Mom who spends 8 hours a day with our Dad. She encourages, teases, loves, kisses, hugs, interprets, scolds, reassures, and cares for our Dad and always has a reassuring smile and kiss for her children. We have a Dad to love, kiss and care for. And, we have a Dad who demonstrates his love for his wife and children through sweet hand-kisses. What more could we want?

Happy Holiday everyone and thank you for your prayers and good wishes.

Kerry Haines Derr

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