Unconfirmed Reports Ahead of IOC Decision Say Russia to be Banned from Rio Olympics

Photo Courtesy: Guy Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports


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Tomorrow the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is expected to announce whether or not Russia will be banned from the Rio Olympics, in light of the recently released McLaren Report, revealing long term systematic doping in the nation.

Tonight, unconfirmed reports from The Daily Mail suggest that Russia will be banned from the Rio Olympic Games and possibly even the 2018 Winter Olympics.

The “insider” said, “‘That effectively means expulsion from Rio. But Thomas Bach (the IOC president) also wants to give consideration to the rights of individuals.” Some Russian athletes who train abroad away from “Russia’s sphere of corruption” could “be offered a lifeline to compete in Rio under a neutral flag.”

More information will be reported as it becomes available.

Read more from The Daily Mail here.

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5 years ago

Good ! They should …. If u can’t win without enhancements …. Stay the F home! Come w some real true game ….. Cheaters never win… It will eat at you over the years n you should feel like a horrible person! You will never know if you could do it and you ruined everyone else’s chance …. They will be the ones hurt the most … They will never know if they would have/could have … We know they should have WON!

5 years ago

I really hope so!!

5 years ago

Well said Amie