Two Short Course Meter World Records During Water Carnival

ANN ARBOR, Michigan, September 28. WHILE Indiana earned a bit of attention with a sneaky shot at the newly-created short course meter relay records, Michigan didn’t take long to go over the top in a pair of the events at its Water Carnival today.

Head coach Mike Bottom, who is one of the top coaches in the country when it comes to the PR-pushed records, engineered two more global marks this afternoon.

The Wolverines first knocked down the mixed gender 200-meter medley relay record when Ali DeLoof, Angie Chokran, John Wojciechoski and Bruno Ortiz blitzed the event in 1:43.75. That time smashed the record the Hoosiers clocked with a 1:49.87 earlier this week. Although, it will not count as the world record as Ortiz is not American.

Iowa’s second-place team of Dustin Rhoads, Andrew Marciniak, Haley Gordon and Olivia Kabacinski managed to put together a full one-nation team with a 1:47.61 that beat IU’s previous mark.

While the time will be posted as a FINA world record in the event, it’s far from the fastest time ever recorded in the race. At last December’s short course European championships, France posted a 1:38.74 with a foursome that included Jeremy Stravius, Florent Manaudou, Melanie Henique and Anna Santamans.

Event 27 Mixed 200 SC Meter Medley Relay
School Seed Finals
1 Michigan-MI ‘A’ NT 1:43.75
1) DeLoof, Ali M W19 2) Chokran, Angie S W21
3) Wojciechowski, John A M21 4) Ortiz, Bruno M20
13.85 28.09 (28.09)
41.96 (13.87) 58.95 (30.86)
1:09.22 (10.27) 1:22.16 (23.21)
1:32.34 (10.18) 1:43.75 (21.59)
2 Iowa-IA ‘A’ NT 1:47.61
1) Rhoads, Dustin J M21 2) Marciniak, Andrew C M22
3) Gordon, Haley J W21 4) Kabacinski, Olivia A W20
12.48 25.54 (25.54)
37.96 (12.42) 53.22 (27.68)
1:06.12 (12.90) 1:21.03 (27.81)
1:33.80 (12.77) 1:47.61 (26.58)

Michael Wynalda, Zoe Mattingly, DeLoof and Kyle Whitaker then posted a 1:36.78 for the mixed gender 200-meter freestyle relay world record. That swim crushed the mark of 1:41.16 posted by Indiana this week in Bloomington.

Event 28 Mixed 200 SC Meter Freestyle Relay
School Seed Finals
1 Michigan-MI ‘A’ NT 1:36.78
1) Wynalda, Michael J M21 2) Mattingly, Zoe C W20
3) DeLoof, Ali M W19 4) Whitaker, Kyle W M21
11.27 23.12 (23.12)
35.00 (11.88) 48.35 (25.23)
1:00.43 (12.08) 1:14.10 (25.75)
1:24.79 (10.69) 1:36.78 (22.68)