Try These 7 Summer Team Bonding Activities!

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By Madilyn Sindelar, Swimming World College Intern.

As school comes to an end and the weather becomes warmer, swimmers of all ages turn to outdoor recreation and embark on exciting adventures. Whether you are a young summer league swimmer, a year-round high school swimmer or college student returning home, these seven team-bonding activities will ensure an exciting summer and close friendships. A close-knit team increases camaraderie and pride at end of the summer championship meets when swimmers will need their teammates most.

1. Team hike


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Head outdoors and find a local area to hike that is suitable for all ages. Hiking is a great way to communicate and learn more about each other as teammates. Swimmers can also use a hike as a dryland team activity. Whether it’s a hike in the mountains or on a nature trail, memories are sure to be made.

2. Pancake breakfast


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Saturday morning practices are mentally and physically grueling, yet knowing there is a feast at the end of a hard set can bring the extra motivation to finish a hard weeks’ work strong. Parents or older teammates can bring pancakes, fruit and other breakfast items to create a tasty spread for starving swimmers. While devouring breakfast, teammates can bond over food and the hard workout they completed together.

3. Movie night


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When it is too hot outside to do any physical activities, staying in can also be a great way to grow closer. Invite teammates over, pick out a movie and disperse some snacks. Pick out a classic sports movie like Remember the Titans, or pick out a comedy and spend time laughing together.

4. Ice Cream and Popsicles


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Another great post-practice pool deck bonding option is to host an ice cream bar. A sundae bar with a competition to create the best looking treat can be a sweet way for swimmers to spend time together. It’s also a quick way to cool off in the summer heat!

5. Lip sync battle

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Teams can host a lip sync night for the team where swimmers of all ages can participate by creating groups and fun dance routines to sing along to. Swimmers can work together outside of practice to create an exciting routine and bond with teammates while doing so. For a finale, coaches can create their own surprise routine – definitely a highlight for the swimmers. The winners could win team apparel, bragging rights, or a day off of practice.

6. Lake or river day


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A day at the local lake or the nearest river can always be a great way for teammates to bond. The team could even do an open water lake swim in the morning for practice and then spend the afternoon at the lake. Some great activities include sand volleyball, Spikeball, KanJam, football or just talking. Pack a picnic, too!

7. Game day

December 1, 2018; , Palo Alto, CA, USA; Collegiate Men's Water Polo:NCAA Semi Finals: USC vs UCLA; USC 2 Meter Sam Slobodien after scoring the game winning goal Photo credit: Catharyn Hayne

Photo Courtesy: Catharyn Hayne

Spend a dryland session playing a game instead of a normally scheduled workout. Games such as ultimate frisbee, basketball, capture the flag or water polo are still great ways to get in a work out but also allows swimmers to have fun doing something together that besides swimming laps.

Other bonding activities

Team Beach Trip

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Depending on the size of the team and location, these are some other activities that would ensure team bonding throughout the summer: water rafting, bowling, a day at the beach, escape rooms and bonfires. The sky is the limit!

What are your favorite team bonding activities during the summer?

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