TritonWear Set Of The Week: 200 Specialty Pace


TritonWear is the proud sponsor of the Set Of The Week.

This week’s TritonWear Set Of The Week is a 200 specialty pace set designed to really work the second half of the 200 races. It involves a series of 50s then fast 100s to help the swimmer bring their races home strong! Take a look:


2 x 50 set up free @ :50

2 x 50 desc. to 200 pace @ :55

2 x 50 at 200 pace @ :50

1 x 50 FAST under pace @ :45

1 x 200 smooth free @ 3:00

2 x 100 @ :05 rest (#1 is sprint, #2 is strong, within :03 of #1)

1 x 200 smooth free @ 3:00

The set starts with two 50s set up free style for the swimmers to establish some speed and get their heart rates up. This will make the descend to pace a little more manageable for the swimmers, since there are only two of the descend 50s. Here, the first 50 descend should be about two seconds off 200 specialty pace, while the next 50 is at 200 pace. The time intervals here are pretty manageable as well, again allowing for a good descend.

Next up are two 50s holding at 200 pace. In essence, you’re picking up where you left off on the descend 50s, except now the cycle gets a little faster. These 50s, on 50 seconds, are meant to maintain consistency with the 200 pace. Basically, the swimmers are starting off with three fifties on pace to simulate the first three 50s of a 200. The last 50 is all about finding some get-home speed.

After a 200 smooth free recovery, the swimmers are faced with a 200 specialty broken. There’s a five second rest at the 100, just enough for the swimmers to catch a little breather. The first 100 is sprint, working tempo and feeling high on the water. Then, after the five second break, the next 100 needs to maintain a similar speed and be within three seconds of the first 100. This entire set is really working on staying strong on the second half of the 200 races, and nothing exemplifies that more than the second 100.

The set is done three times through, but is flexible in number of rounds and time intervals. Give the set a try, and see those 200s get a little bit stronger!

TritonWear Set of Week

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