Trent Grimsey, Amy Thompson Win Oceania Open Water 10K

ROTORUA, New Zealand, February 3. TRENT Grimsey, 19, of Australia and Amy Thompson, 18, also of Australia laid claim to the 10K titles at the Oceania Open Water Championships held in Rotorua, New Zealand.

Grimsey posted a time of 1:59:34.8 as he held off 17-year-old Kane Radford of New Zealand (1:59:53.2) for the win. Australia's Blake Collis, 16, completed the top three in 2:00:06.9.

Thompson wound up with a judge's decision victory over teammate Stacey Hansford, 17, as the pair notched matching times of 2:04:51.0 in the event. New Zealand's Joyce Wiegersma, 20, finished third in 2:08:22.4.

Placing Age Team Finish
1st 19 AUS Trent Grimsey 1:59:34.8
2nd 17 NZL Kane Radford 1:59:53.2
3rd 16 AUS Blake Collis 2:00:06.9
4th 18 NZL Phillip Ryan 2:00:34.8
5th 24 NZL Jack Carmine 2:04:50.1
6th 27 NCL Rudy Bernard 2:24:52.0
DNF 16 NCL Jeremy Verlaguet

Placing Age Team Finish
1st 18 AUS Amy Thompson 2:04:51.0
2nd 17 AUS Stacey Hansford 2:04:51.0
3rd 20 NZL Joyce Wiegersma 2:08:22.4
4th 17 NZL Alex Goddard 2:29:58.0
DNF 17 NCL Laurène Gosse
DNF 18 NCL Armelle Hidrio

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