Tips to Increase Your Swimming Stamina That Work For The Pros

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If you already train often then you may feel like you have hit a plateau when it comes to your speed and stamina. Discard that thought. If athletes gave in to that way of thinking each time they reached a new goal, broke a record, or hit a plateau then sports would be a lot less interesting, and we would not be astounded by the skill of our favorite athletes. Here are a few ways to increase your stamina whether you have been training and swimming for years or if you are relatively new to the sport. 

  • Include dry land exercises when you cannot swim. On days you can’t get in the water you should still push your body to improve with specialized dry land exercises that are geared towards strengthening muscle groups used in the water and for improving your lung capacity and heart rate. 
  • Push your limits in controlled environments. Avoiding injury is always key but if you want to bring your stamina up to the next level then practice increasing your heart rate and lung capacity to the max when you are jogging or in a safe environment so if you go too far you will not risk yourself. Running and jogging are common ways for swimmers to push their body with less risk than in the water. 
  • Fasting is a method many people use to improve their body function. Many professional athletes, especially swimmers, find it difficult to get enough calories in a day so fasting may seem counter-intuitive. However, if you chose a down day to refrain from food you may find that is the kickstart your body needed to boost energy. Do not fast on performance days though, and do not do it more than once or twice a month. 
  • Improve your diet. It can be difficult to get enough calories during peak season, however, you should make the effort to make sure the calories you do get are full of quality nutrients that fuel your body. Lots of healthy proteins, water, and colorful fruits and vegetables are key to optimal health in any performer. Adding a fish oil supplement and checking your mineral levels may be useful as well. 
  • Keep your metabolic rate up, even during breaks. Any athlete already has a high metabolic and anaerobic state due to training and the lifestyle needed to perform, but many do not realize that endurance and stamina can be lost even in a few days of relaxing (a minuscule amount, but it matters). If you do some cardio even on down days, you will find less of a dip each time you return to your regular training.

Goggles N More prescription goggles with purchase protection Photo Courtesy: Goggles N More

At GogglesNMore we support athletes who want to perform at their maximum capacity. We offer quality swim goggles in many styles that can fit your eyeglass prescription if needed. Browse our site or contact us to learn more about ordering your own custom goggles. Remember that you only need to focus on yourself as a swimmer. Do not worry about what your competitor’s best time is, just worry about beating your last best time. This is one of the things that makes swimming such a great sport, you can be at your top performance without overthinking about the rival on the field or court. It is just you, the water, and the clock. Enjoy it, and remember that even a fraction of a second improvement is a hard-earned achievement that can lead to a full second improvement then to averaging 20 seconds less overall, over time. It all starts with improving stamina and working to beat your last time, each time. 



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