Tim Welsh Reflects on Coaching Career, Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis at ASCA World Clinic (VIDEO INTERVIEW)

Photo Courtesy: Swimming World TV

Long-time Notre Dame coach Tim Welsh sat down with Swimming World TV’s Brent Rutemiller at the ASCA World Clinic in Dallas to talk about his recent pancreatic cancer diagnosis and reflected on the lessons he learned in his coaching career.

Welsh revealed his cancer diagnosis at the banquet the night before and says he doesn’t have a doubt in his and his wife’s mind that he won’t win this battle. He said he has visited an oncologist and is on a chemotherapy plan set in place. Welsh compared his cancer treatment to fixing an issue with a team and that “waiting for it go away doesn’t work.”

He continued to compare coaching swimming to life. “It’s hard, it’s challenging, and it’s rewarding. It’s just like practice. If practice isn’t hard, it doesn’t work. If it’s not beautiful, we don’t stay with it. If we don’t love it, we get out of the game.”

Welsh said he was going to be reflecting on a lot of life lessons he gave out to his athletes during his time as a coach. He talked about Haley Scott, who was injured in the infamous bus accident that the Notre Dame women’s team endured in the early 90s, and how she helps people fight through similar tragedies that she experienced. Welsh said that Scott was one of the first people that reached out to him after his diagnosis.

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    Chuck Kroll

    Great interview gentleman, all around. Thank you. Tim, will have you in my prayers.