The Morning Swim Show: Haley Scott DeMaria Talks About 1992 Bus Crash That Broke Her Back, Discusses New Book

PHOENIX, Arizona, August 4. THIS Ready Room interview on The Morning Swim Show features Haley Scott DeMaria, who battled through adversity after a horrific bus accident killed two of her teammates at Notre Dame University and broke her back, leaving her temporarily paralyzed.

On Jan. 24, 1992, the chartered bus carrying the Notre Dame women's swim team from a meet at Northwestern University skidded on a patch of ice and turned over in the middle of a heavy snowstorm. Two swimmers were killed, and Scott landed on her spine and crushed three vertebrae.

Scott DeMaria wrote about the accident in her new book What Though the Odds, and in the interview with Brent Rutemiller, she talks about the first week of recovery, which offered a variety of emotions as she learned surgeries were not bringing feeling back into her legs. But a miraculous triumph over adversity allowed her to move her big right toe after the first week.

Surgeries followed in the years after the crash, and Scott DeMaria said her healing was so fast it caused her to rethink her faith, wondering what forces allowed her to heal so quickly.

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