Thoughts You Have While Putting on a Racing Suit

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Thoughts You Have While Putting on a Racing Suit

Championship meets are days of racing, napping, and more racing.  This means, of course, putting on a racing suit many times.  It is quite the ordeal for a race that will be done in a matter of minutes or seconds.  From the moment the suit comes out of its box, the torturous process begins– and so does this thought process.

“Wow, this looks smaller than I remember.”

“Is this really my size?”

“Here we go!  One foot in and… it’s stuck already.”

“I should’ve gone to the bathroom before I started putting this on.”

“Whew! Got it over my knees.”

“Ouch ouch ouch ouch”

“I think this is cutting off my circulation.”

“Why don’t they make these with zippers?”

“Pulling it up little by little… but it’s not moving.”

“Ooh! Making some progress.”

“Okay, maybe I can do this!”

“Is this sweat or water?”

“And… it’s stuck again.”

“It’s definitely sweat.”

“This should count as warmup.”

“Who invented these things anyway?”

“I just need a little break.”

“Wait, what time is it?”

“Here we go, finally got it over my hips.”

“Almost done!”

“I can’t wait to take this off later.”

“How long have I been in here?!”

“Finally!  Done!”

“Oh right, now I have to go race.”


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