The World’s First Folding Fins Available on Kickstarter

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Exotech Company has kicked off the Kickstarter campaign for their revolutionary product – Folding Fins. Inspired by nature, Folding Fins, will allow you to take them in your luggage and across the world so when you take a dive or go swimming you can do it with Your own equipment!

The regular fins are unhandy and hard to fit into luggage without sacrificing space. To tackle the issues, Folding Fins were created. In the end, the final parameters which are the result of biomimetics, help the user to reach the best diving or swimming performance with increased effectiveness and reduced strain on the muscles.

For sure they won’t slow you down, as the materials which they are made of, are ultralight and they are swiftly ready to use. For those of you, who prefer swimming, snorkeling, or diving in any waters they will save space in your carry-on. They are a must-have for any adventure you are going on!

With not only sleek but also easy to handle design, the fins are ready to use in a few seconds, folded they are three times smaller than unfolded.

Aiming to keep the fins environmentally friendly, they are constructed from plastics, that can be fully recyclable and re-used in the future.

This product is the first step of Exotech into the future and is aligned with the vision for the company.

“All we do is being focused on developing unique solutions based on the principles of biomimetics, which we want to promote and sell worldwide. Our solutions offer users oriented towards swimming an array of opportunities in contact with nature and give them guaranteed satisfaction and safety. Most importantly, they help them swim in or explore bodies of water.”

Krzysztof Paul



Photo Courtesy: Folding FIns

Folding fins, a solution drawn from nature. For more information please go to:

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