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Mental Training for Swimmers Made Simple (Finally)

When you think about your swimming and your goals it’s usually in terms of physical and measurable things… I wanna be faster than the competition… I wanna drop four seconds off my PB… I wanna be a faster underwater dolphin kicker… And while we direct our efforts at training harder and better each da...

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College Friday Takeover Series

College athletics provide opportunity for so many athletes to earn a college degree, play the sport they love, form lifelong friendships, and develop valuable character traits that they will carry with them in life including teamwork, discipline, commitment, and life balance. In addition, many of th...

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UBC Thunderbirds Adopt FORM Swim Goggles for Training

Less than three months ago, the FORM Swim Goggles entered the swimming scene, becoming the first pair of goggles with a smart display that shows your metrics while you swim. Now, the goggles have now been adopted by Canada’s reigning champs, the UBC Thunderbirds, with an eye toward helping the team ...

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Extraordinary Swim Year Concludes with Barbados Open Water Festival

It’s been a landmark year for open water swimming in Barbados. The Barbados Aquatic Sports Association (BASA) successfully hosted two major regional meets both with open water swimming races, a local charity took to the sea to raise funds through a well subscribed open water relay race and most rece...

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Inspirational Podcasts for Swimmers & Swimming-Enthusiasts

Whether you’re looking for expert coaching advice to help you reach your true potential, or you’re a swimmer searching for new techniques that’ll help you train or succeed like a champion, swimming podcasts have a little something for everyone. If you’re looking for a little inspiration and motivati...

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Faster Swimming For Strength Athletes - New Video Series from FINIS

Join FINIS in their new video series "Faster Swimming for Strength Athletes" hosted by Colleen Fotsch – former NCAA Championship swimmer, and now Professional CrossFit™ Athlete. In the series, Colleen dives into the importance of swimming for strength athletes, and how she incorporates swimming into...