The Morning Swim Show: Preparing for the Olympic Games; Open-Water World Championships Preview

PHOENIX, Arizona, May 2. THE Friday edition of The Morning Swim Show preps viewers for the upcoming Olympic Games and offers a preview of this weekend's exciting Open Water World Championships.

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With less than 100 days until the start of the Olympic Games, host Brent Rutemiller runs down the list of items fans traveling to Beijing need. For those who have not yet booked tickets or hotel, or have not secured their visas, he also gives estimated prices for those traveling from the United States.

In Reaction Time, Rutemiller talks with Sid Cassidy, a member of the FINA organizing committee for this year's open-water world championships, which begin Saturday in Seville, Spain.

Cassidy talks about the conditions in southern Spain, the stretch of water where the swimmers will race, the requirements to make the field for the inaugural 10K swim in the Olympics and who is competing for the United States.