The Morning Swim Show: Pat Hogan of USA Swimming’s Club Development Program Talks About Potential Membership Spike and How to Retain New Swimmers

PHOENIX, Arizona, September 29. USA Swimming is on a quest to increase the number of young swimmers in its membership following the Olympic Games, and a member of the USAS staff joins the show to talk about the steps the organization is taking toward that goal, as well as the challenges it faces in these rocky economic times.

Pat Hogan, the managing director for club development at USA Swimming, talks with host Brent Rutemiller about "the greatest avalanche of media attention" and how that has put USA Swimming in a position to see a membership spike that will "be the greatest it's ever been" after an Olympic Games.

Hogan talks about the 7.2 percent membership spike after the 2004 Olympics and how the organization had its best retention rates soon after.

Hogan said the growth will come not just in club teams, but from summer league, high school and Masters programs across the United States. Hogan said an increase of 8 percent is expected, but he's hopeful of a 10 percent increase due to the enormous success of the Beijing Olympics.

Hogan said club coaches can help retain swimmers, and he advises coaches to let kids take part in other sports or other outside activities. If coaches encourage too much swimming, Hogan said the most talented kids might leave swimming for other sports.

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