The Morning Swim Show, Oct. 23, 2009: Submitting Times for High School All-American Status; Results of Michael Phelps and Jammers Poll

PHOENIX, Arizona, October 23. THE process of submitting times for high school All-American status and the results of the newest poll of the week are the highlights of today's edition of The Morning Swim Show.

Host Peter Busch talks to Mark Onstott, the coordinator of All-American submissions for the National Interscholastic Swim Coaches Association, about the process of submitting times for All-American status, who should enter the times online and how swimmers can find out how their swims rank throughout the high school year. Busch also details the results of the recent poll on, in which we asked if other male swimmers should wear jammers at World Cup meets, as Michael Phelps has said he will do. Watch the full show in the video player below and visit Swimming World.TV for more video interviews.

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