The Morning Swim Show: Eddie Reese Talks College, World Swimming; JR Rosania and Backstroke Dryland Exercises; Federica Pellegrini’s New Photos

PHOENIX, Arizona, September 23. TUESDAY'S edition of The Morning Swim Show features an extensive interview with Texas men's head coach Eddie Reese and tips on dryland training for backstrokers.

In his interview with host Peter Busch, Reese discusses the dynamic of this season's team, from the freshmen who will be called on to swim fast, to the experienced veterans such as David Walters, Ricky Berens and Michael Kleuh. Reese also talks about some of the early-season training the Texas team has undergone, which includes work on all four strokes.

Reese was the head men's coach for the USA at the 2008 Olympic Games, and he talks about the enormous depth of swimmers at the meet. The meet was fast all the way down to 30th place, Reese said. He also said the United States is looking very good on the world scene, with many swimmers from junior nationals and US Open showing promise leading into the next Olympic quadrennium.

In Tips and Technique, renowned fitness trainer JR Rosania discusses some dryland exercises to help backstrokers get stronger. Using dumbbells, bungee cord tubing and an exercise ball, Rosania shows exercises that can improve all portions of the backstroke.

Also in this edition is the news that 2008 Olympic gold medalist Federica Pellegrini is posing semi-nude in the latest edition of the Italian magazine Fox Uomo.

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