The McCaffreyCap: Feb. 11, 2011

PHOENIX, Arizona, February 11. YOU've found the McCaffreyCap where we take a lighter look at the latest swimming news. This week in the run down Matt Grevers' worlds collide, it's T-shirt time, and we'll debut a song about the funniest conference in college swimming. Take your mark.

In June, Michael Phelps will release a new swimming video game for Xbox 360. With Xbox Kinect, there's no controllers which means players will actually go through the swimming motions simulating good stroke. The world of Swimming colliding with the World of video games? Matt Grevers may never go to practice at a real pool again. If it was Annie Chandler's swimming video game, Grevers could almost live in a sim city.

Most college swimmers have entered the most wonderful time of the year… you got it, it's taper time. One of my favorite swimming writers, Mike Gustafson, wrote one of the greatest swimming blogs ever on the topic of taper, entitled The Slackers Guide to Taper. It's a must read. The underlying theme is excusable laziness and anyone who has ever been through a real taper is nodding their head right now. In the blog, he suggested a taper blue ribbon to wear around during taper time, you know so you didn't even have to waste the energy to say "Sorry, I can't do… anything. I'm tapering" Well Mike, we got a hold of something better than a blue ribbon. The "Sorry, Tapering" T-shirt. It's not too late, if you want to save energy this taper season, hit up and purchase this Gary Hall-inspired taper T-shirt right now.

We're coming under the flags and into the wall on the college season. That's right conference championship season is upon us and our poll question this week was: which of the conference championships are you looking forward to most. I honestly worried that we'd get some backlash for not listing some of the mid-major conferences, because they have some of the most passionate fans out there. If you frequent the College Swimming message boards you know what I'm talking about. Those Colonial Athletic Association fans are the craziest. shut down the mid-major message board due to … let's call it, "overly passionate discussion." That's not even the best part. This week a former CAA swimmer wrote a song about it… We're going to stop the clock on today's show and leave you with the public debut of Down (like the CAA), by Eric Knight.

Remember that's just one man's recap…