The Global Swim Series Announces First “Race the Legends” Event in Fort Lauderdale

Global Swim Series

The Global Swim Series (GSS) is proud to announce the first “Race The Legends” (RTL) event where swimmers from all over the world can come and race many of the greatest swimmers of all time. A small number of lucky swimmers will also be able to participate in a week-long “Legends Swim Camp”, hosted by the Legends Themselves.

The Race & Camps will be held:

  • Race Date: September 3, 2022
  • Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • Open Water Distances: 1 Mile, 5K and a kids event of Half Mile/800m
  • Legends Swim Camps: in the week prior to the race (Aug 28-Sep 2) some of the Legends will host Training Camps for all ages and abilities

Imagine being invited to play some 3 on 3 basketball with Michael Jordan and Steph Curry. Or how about tossing the football around with Tom Brady and Joe Montana. Or some tennis with Raphael Nadal, Roger Federer or Andre Agassi. Would you be in shape to play soccer with Ronaldo, Messi, and Beckham? How about playing a round against Tiger and Phil?

Unfortunately, it will probably never happen. But if you are a swimmer…now it can. You can actually “Race The Legends”.

Who are the Legends? 9 Olympians, 31 medals, 27 Olympics… Legendary Swimmers.

  1. Ryan Lochte – 4x Olympian, 12 Olympic medals, world record holder, 90+ Int’l medals
  2. Cullen Jones – 2x Olympian, 4 Olympic medals (2G, 2S), former World Record Holder
  3. Anthony Ervin – 3x Olympian, 4 Olympic medals (3G, 1S), oldest person to win Gold
  4. Bruno Fratus – 3x Olympian, Brazil, 2020 Olympic Bronze 50 free, under 22 sec 90x in 50 free
  5. Cody Miller – Olympic Gold & Bronze, World Champs 2G, 2S, 1B, Olympic & World records
  6. Blake Pieroni – 2x Olympian, 3 Gold medals, current World Record holder 4×100 fr relay
  7. Brett Hawke – 2x Olympian, Australia, co-Head Coach Auburn Univ, 2009 National Champions
  8. Brent Hayden – 4x Olympian, Canada, 2004,‘08,’12, ‘20, Olympic Bronze & World Champion
  9. Therese Alshammar – 6x Olympian, Sweden, 3 Olympic medals, 25 World Champ medals

On September 3, 2022 swimmers of all ages and abilities will be able to walk up to the starting line, on a beautiful sandy beach in Fort Lauderdale and swim an open water race against some of the greatest swimmers of all time. A true life experience and bucket list opportunity. If you are a swimmer it should give you goosebumps just thinking about it.

The Global Swim Series has created the Race The Legends event so that swimmers from around the world can actually swim with Legends, past and present.

And in case that wasn’t enough, several of the Legends will also be hosting small, multi-day “Legends Swim Camps” in the week prior to the race, where you will be coached by, and get to hang out with, the hero’s of the sport. Campers will even get a chance to meet all the Legends from the other Camps in the VIP section after the Race.

CEO & Founder of the Global Swim Series, Robert Kent said: “We are very excited to kick off our 8th season of the Global Swim Series with a new and exciting event of this magnitude. There has never really been anything quite like this in swimming, where we have all these Legendary swimmers, each with an incredible story, all gathered in one place… to race against enthusiastic swimmers of all ages and abilities. Not to mention the added bonus of being able to participate in a week long training camp that will be coached by the Legends. We think that this will be one of the most unique swimming events ever offered. It will be something for swimmers to get excited about, inspired by, and motivated from.”

The event is designed to be very inclusive of ages and abilities. The distances offered will be: 5K, 1 Mile, and a kids distance of a Half Mile/800m and even the Double Legend (5K AND 1 Mile). The ages will be 10-15 years old for the kids race, and 11-80+ for The Mile and 5K events. The races and camps will appeal to all kinds of swimmers including:

Age Group Swimmers, Masters Swimmer, and Triathletes too. Given the reach of the Global Swim Series and the interest there is to meet, train and race the Legends of the sport, it is expected that people will travel from around the world to beautiful Fort Lauderdale this summer for this unique experience.


Registration for the Race and Camps are now open!

For more info and to Register, go to:

  1. Race The Legends – open water race against the Legends
  2. Legends Swim Camps – 6 day training camps with the Legends

(limited spots available for both events)


ABOUT THE GSS: The Global Swim Series was founded in 2015 and has become the largest swim series in the world. Prior to many of the races being postponed or canceled during the pandemic, the GSS consisted of 200+ open water races, in 35+ countries, with 100,000+ participants. Going forward the primary focus will be on producing the Race The Legends events to create some of the most unique, exciting and memorable events and experiences in swimming. The GSS is privately held by Robert Kent and Ryan Lochte.


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