Team Blu Frog Sets Masters World Record in 200 Freestyle Relay

ORLANDO, Florida, October 19. SWIMMING at an event named for him, Olympic champion Rowdy Gaines helped Team Blu Frog set a Masters short course meters world record in the 200 freestyle relay last weekend at the Rowdy Gaines Masters Classic.

The team of Gaines, Keith Switzer, Marc Middleton and Scot Weiss swam a 1:38.79 to break the former world record of 1:40.17 set last November by the Longhorn Aquatics team.

Event 20 Men 200-239 200 SC Meter Freestyle Relay
1 Blu Frog-FL A NT 1:38.79!
1) Gaines, Ambrose R M51 2) Switzer, Keith M M47 3) Middleton, Marc D M59 4) Weiss, Scot H M45
23.95 48.80 (24.85) 1:13.76 (24.96) 1:38.79 (25.03)

Notably, Gaines' leadoff time of 23.95 wasn't too far from his world record of 23.38 in the 50 freestyle for the 50-54 age group.