Swindle Smashes Her Own National Prep School Marks

By Norbert Agh

FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla., Nov. 22. ON a day when Gulliver Prep senior saw both of her national interscholastic sprint marks broken, she bounced back to set two national independent school records at the Florida High School State Championships this evening.

Earlier today, Kara Lynn Joyce of Pioneer H.S. in Ann Arbor, Mich., clocked 22.04 for the 50 and 48.69 for the 100 yard freestyle.

Undaunted, Swindle came back with swims of 22.30 and 48.90, as two high school girls broke the 49 second barrier in the 100 for the first time.

Swindle's 22.30 lowers her own mark of 22.33 from last year. Her 48.90 destroys the 49.33 she swam in 1999 as a sophomore.)

After today's meet, SwimInfo caught up with the ebullient Swindle for a quick chat:

Swiminfo: Did you expect to swim well tonight?
Swindle: Yes, I was very confident about it. I felt that I could break both records and I did.

Swiminfo: Was that because you tapered for this meet?
Swindle: We (the team) were tapering for this meet since this was the final meet of the year 2002. This is why I was pretty sure that I would do well
tonight. I look at this as a good ending for this year and a very good point to start from the next.

Swiminfo: How do you feel after breaking those records?
Swindle: Great! I am epecially happy to swim this well in my last high school meet.

Swiminfo: What are your goals for the year 2003?
Swindle: For the first time I will swim for my country in the PanAm Games, which makes me try even harder. I also feel I have a good chance to win one or both sprints at the summer nationals

Swiminfo: I saw Gary Hall, Jr. congratulating you. How is it to practice with him?
Swindle: He is a very nice guy and also a good traning partner. I hope someday I will achieve what he has accomplished!