SwimVortex Suspends Its Coverage of Swimming

Photo Courtesy: SwimVortex

On May 1, 2018, swimming media outlet SwimVortex announced that they are suspending their coverage of the sport after five years.

In a statement released by the company, Craig Lord said the decision was based on resources and ranking and coverage of the sport. The company prides itself on independent journalism and a variety of swimming coverage. View the full statement below.

Today, SwimVortex suspends its coverage of swimming

To paraphrase Khalil Gibran, if you love something, let it go: if you find your way back to each other, you belong; if not it was not meant to be.

Many are the reasons why our work is no longer sustainable but in short our decision comes down to this:

  • the resources required for us to achieve our goals and deliver truly independent journalism, analysis and statistical services in swimming are simply not available
  • swimming and the priorities of a failing leadership that is not being held to account by key stakeholders, is sinking down the ranks of sports covered by the mainstream media and professional journalists far and wide. Swimming is among the sports being dropped as digital-era budget cuts and belt-tightening gather pace in the press; this, too, has an impact on the way we fund our work and justify our presence and time as journalists
  • swimming has become ever more a sport covered remotely; that’s no fun, nor does it lend itself to telling the stories that can only be told by being there, watching, listening, hearing, interacting, getting to know the swimmers and their coaches and sometimes their parents and families, too – and then relating human stories stacked with challenge, struggle, humour, achievement and setback. That’s how swimming used to be covered. It no longer is.

SwimVortex bows out just as suddenly as it arrived five years ago almost to the day. We say farewell with a heartfelt thanks to those who have supported our work through advertising, partnership and subscription; we appreciate the value you placed in our work.

On a personal note, the editor would like to thank journalists Liz Byrnes, John Lohn, Sabrina Knoll and Karin Helmstaedt, as well as photographer Patrick B. Kraemer for knowing their stuff; for being excellent, pressure on, pressure off; for being the first in the building and the last to leave; for turning around quality copy and images faster than any other swim website in the short history of the digital world has ever got close to. And on that note, thanks, too, to the unsung heroes of the backroom: the digital team that has underpinned our work and provided a fine platform.

It was a privilege to work with all of you.

Thanks is extended, too, to the late Nick Thierry, to whom this website was dedicated, and to his legacy: backed by a unique record of world swimming that we have kept alive and expanded into the most comprehensive historical record of the sport, SwimVortex has provided coverage that we feel proud of.

Naturally, any reader wishing to claim a refund for the remaining months of their subscription may do so (for instruction on how to do that, please follow this link).

Wishing you all a fine season ahead and many more to come.

Craig Lord and The SwimVortex Team

Thank You, From Swimming World

“On behalf of the International Swimming Hall Of Fame (ISHOF), Swimming World and its staff, we want to express our sincere appreciation for all the hard work and expertise that SwimVortex brought to the sport. Craig and his team brought unparalleled perspectives that the sport will sorely miss. This leaves a big hole in the world of meaningful journalism that will not be easily filled due to the realities of today’s free media platforms and lack of institutional support. We wish our colleagues much success in their passions and pursuits” – Brent Rutemiller CEO of ISHOF and Swimming World Magazine.



  1. Vincent Leroyer

    This is a sad news. An expert and passionate look at our sport goes out. Their real analysis expertise and editorial independence will be missed

  2. avatar

    one less source for swim scam to thieve from

  3. avatar
    Steve Schaffer

    This is a true loss for our sport. Thanks for everything Craig!

  4. avatar

    Cutting off the free discussion section was a huge business mistake that affected the rating immediately. It was the best swimming forum with well established knowledgeable community. But it was too much for Mr. Lord to handle.
    Well, swimvortex was a nice effort of Mr.Lord and his team. We have to thank them all for the great job done.

    • avatar

      Yes, cutting off the free section was vital error. I think it was the final “time trial” that we could see from outside.
      Craig’s truly independent journalism had one major problem. He never accepted any other (free, independent) opinion than his and the delete button was at him. He lost a lot of people with this attitude.

      • avatar

        Untrue… we never cut off or deleted anything… comments could be left after registration, as is common practice far and wide. And the only comments cut were those that defamed others or we re simply untrue. Alternative opinions based on fact were NEVER cut.

      • avatar

        Agree with you brownish.

  5. avatar

    As a lazy American, I just got tired of having to login each time to view the full article or to read the comments. As, the login system wasn’t very good in the first place. Plus, I wasn’t ever really willing to spend money on the subscription articles. I’m the same way with Floswimming by the way.

  6. avatar

    Thanks, Craig, for your effort and hard work! It has been a joy reading all your articles. I hope that you will come back writing about swimming in some form. The need for your articles is absolute!

  7. Peter Yates

    I guess it’s hard to keep going when you put your website behind a pay wall.

  8. avatar

    Craig, to you and your team a huge thank you. This is a sad day for swimming. You have been a fierce advocate for swimmers rights and true competition in a sport dogged by incompetent, self serving administrators who have tolerated drug cheats in the pool and corruption in their structures.

  9. avatar

    Thank you for the kind comments left here. Regards, Craig