SwimOutlet Launches New Fundraising Options for Teams


SwimOutlet.com, the web’s most popular swim shop, has elevated its industry-leading team store platform this week with two key features developed to help swim coaches, swim clubs, and team managers fundraise and streamline team orders.

As teams increasingly ask for new and unique fundraising opportunities, SwimOutlet has answered the call with its new Fundraising Tool. This feature allows teams to generate revenue by selling custom-designed products that are set at a team-designated price.

“We’ve taken the popular t-shirt and gear sales fundraising idea that has been around at swim clubs for years and made it easier and better!” said Jaime Benes, VP of Team Sales, SwimOutlet.com. “There’s no more need to pre-order, set up a tent and lug bulky boxes to the poolside. Now you can set your club’s earnings goal, create exciting custom products, set the price and get back on deck while your team earns.”

A team of 150 swimmers could potentially earn upwards of $5,000 for one fundraiser depending on the price and product selected for the fundraiser.

“As our sport continues to re-emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, many swim teams are needing to find new sources of revenue to help make up financial gaps. Fundraising Initiatives are important options to assist swim teams. I’m excited to use the SwimOutlet Fundraising Tool and I think it will make a ‘big splash’ for swim teams everywhere” says Steve Connock, Ohio Swimming Inc. Administrative Vice Chair.

Together with the Fundraising Tool, SwimOutlet now allows teams to give all their families a free SwimOutlet+ Membership. With a free one-year SwimOutlet+ Membership, families will unlock exclusive access to special deals, the lowest pricing, 5% rewards credit on purchases, and free 2-day shipping.

SwimOutlet already offers the best selection, availability, and pricing, along with dedicated reps, customization, team stores, fit kits, and cashback! To take advantage of SwimOutlet’s Team Store with Fundraising, simply visit https://www.swimoutlet.com/pages/team-fundraising-and-membership . These benefits are always available to teams, risk-free, with no contract required.

For more on SwimOutlet’s new Team offering, contact us teams@swimoutlet.com or speak to a team rep at 800-469-7132.

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