SwimmingWorld.TV in Ireland, Day Three: Let The Meet Begin!

By Garrett McCaffrey

For complete coverage of the NCSA All Star Team trip to the Irish Nationals, click here.

IRELAND, April 29. THE NCSA All Star kids are ready for the Irish National meet to start. You know that extra energy that swimmers get when they scale back the yardage in practice before meets?

Take that energy and multiply it by the energy from a group teenagers getting comfortable around each other and you can imagine what the hotel restaurant sounds like during team meals.

I think they're going to swim fast. They've really embraced the team aspect of the trip, which is new to these pre-college swimmers. Hopefully that team element gets their mind off international competition, and not being rested.

You'll all be able to find out with us, because SwimmingWorld.TV is going to try to bring all the races from the night sessions live on SwimmingWorld.com and SwimmingWorld.TV.

The live feed will be available at both the home page of SwimmingWorld.com, and on the Irish National landing page at SwimmingWorld.TV. Due to technical difficulties in Ireland, the first night of finals will not be available live. However, on-demand videos will be provided soon after the session.

I say try because the Internet over here is a little spotty. I just feel like bringing those races, on demand at the very least, is what people want to see more than a live cam at a random spot on deck. Please, let me know what you think. Hopefully, the kids aren't the only ones ready for the meet!