Swimming World Upgrades Website – More Interactive and Mobile Friendly with Better Graphics

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For those who may have slept through New Year’s Day, SwimmingWorld.com unveiled an updated website that brought an enhanced mobile news experience to its vast worldwide community.

SwimmingWorld.com is the oldest website dedicated to aquatic sports. First launched in 1997 under the name SwimInfo.com, the website has remained a leader among athletes, coaches, fans, and supporters of all aquatic sports.  The upgrade improves the experience of accessing a wide scope of swimming-related news articles on mobile platforms.  Visitors will find updated graphical elements that better showcase stunning photos and timely aquatic sports content.

Swimming World website

The SwimmingWorld.com upgrade is the first in a series of improvements that will solidify Swimming World and the International Swimming Hall of Fame as the leading source for aquatic information.

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“In an upcoming planned upgrade, the rich, archived content that includes athlete bios, historical swimming articles, ISHOF Honorees and decades of award winners now hosted on the International Swimming Hall of Fame website, will be migrated over to Swimming World.com.   The original ISHOF.org will be upgraded and reorganized to become a sister site to SwimmingWorld.com with its focus shifting to memorability and digital tours of the ISHOF Museum in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.   The ISHOF website will house membership and donor information, and recognition of ISHOF sponsors while promoting the benefits of being a supporter of the ISHOF organization,” said Brent Rutemiller, CEO of ISHOF and Publisher of Swimming World Magazine.

ISHOF membership

Additional upgrades to both sites will be introduced over the next 18 months allowing ISHOF and Swimming World to better serve its members, subscribers, and visitors.


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    David Abineri

    Not sure why the stories on Page 1 of All News are dated Jan 1, then Jan 11 then Jan 24.

    My preference would be to have the stories in chronological order so that it is less likely that I miss a new story. They used to be in order on the old web site I believe. Not sure if this is an improvement.

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      Brandi West

      Hi David, thanks for the comment! We have some articles “pinned” to the top of our All News Articles feed for various reasons. This is the case with the 2 articles you reference. Except for these top articles, the remainder are in reverse chronological order just as they were before.