Swimming World FREE App Available For USA Swimming Olympic Trials

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Swimming World Magazine App is now available for both iPhone and Androids.


When you first sign in with your email address, the app directs you to an alerts page. At this step, you can choose to receive alerts directly to your phone anytime a World, American or other major swimming record was broken. You can also choose to be alerted for breaking news stories in the world of swimming.

Want more? Total Access members on Android devices can login and read the latest monthly and biweekly publications. They also have access to the Swimming World Magazine vault – a collection of magazines dating back to the 1960’s.

The app’s homepage comes complete with a scrolling slider displaying Swimming World’s top stories. When you thumb down, the app continues to repopulate your screen with endless breaking news stories thanks to infinite scrolling.

Enjoy the water-based news you love on the go – without causing any electrical damage – today with the new Swimming World App. 




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    c branstrom

    I’ve signed up for this app but when I try to sign in I there is no dropdown menu for the timezone so I can’t login or get past the signing up page.